Friday, September 2, 2011

Glass Ceiling

I can't go to Tacoma WA without going to see all the glass. I liken these to ice cubes, I have no idea what the artist calls them, but to me they are the beacon to the Bridge of Glass.
As for the silver cone shaped structure to the right, still don't know what it's for.  I think it's a piece of art, I don't think it houses anything.  It is very cool though.
These are huge chucks of glass, very interesting structure.

And the following pics are the view when you look up while walking on the Bridge of Glass.  After seeing all the fiber arts at the show, I could see where quilters get some of their inspiration.

Simply amazing,
beyond words,
awe inspiring.
If you're ever in Tacoma, over by the Convention center, you have to stroll the bridge.


Jackie said...

I just love Chihuly!! I saw his show in Boston this summer and blogged about it as well. Simply amazing! I just love the "chunks" on the bridge, very cool!

Janet O. said...

Wow--so cool. I've seen Chihuly, and loved it, but none of it was like this!

Ann Champion said...

Gorgeous glass! Lots of quilty inspiration. :)

Belinda said...

Oh these remind me of the rock candy sticks we used to eat as kids!!!!

Deere Driver said...
Check out my July vacation blog about the Museum of Glass. The cone is the "Hot Shop" area. Also very cool to look at.
You can watch the Hot Shop live online. The link is on this blog.

Barb said...

gorgeous glass!
Chihuly did the ceiling on our cruise ship and I love looking at it every night at dinner - beautiful!

Louise said...

I love light shining through glass! Do you think the chunks represent sea glass, the smooth green & blue bits you used to find while walking on the beach, from broken bottles worn smooth.