Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trick or Treat

This was a fun quilt to quilt. I love getting these where I can do different borders and backgrounds and aside from outlining all the applique using rulers (this is getting hard on my shoulder!), I use a little chalk and freehand the designs.  All photos enlarge when clicked.
Spider web in metallic thread.

Another web in the top corner and a neon lime green one growing in the bottom corner.  A few words, eek is through the moon, tricks and treats, boo.
I loved this block, I did a maze design on the border and kept the background subtle.  Gotta love neon green thread for these types of quilts.

M wanted a separate border motif and I just didn't think feathers or leaves for this.  Since this is for the grandchildren, I thought something with a lot of motion. I really like how this turned out, as it's the first time I stitched this design.

Thank goodness for all those knuckle raps in elementary school, I've got nice hand writing.  Don't know about this generation, I don't even think they can use spell check by the looks of the job applications I get at work  Yes, I double and triple check the spelling of every word, no matter how simple!  It will live forever in a quilt.

This one is a bit tough to see, the border says Happy Halloween, Ghosts, and on the bottom, Wicked Witch

Fall is in the air, my favorite time of year!


Janet O. said...

The owner of this quilt can't help but be thrilled with the result. The quilting on each block is so well-suited and well-carried out. I love it!!

Brandie said...

This looks like great fun. What a great job! I'm sure the kids will love it.

Janet said...

Oh how gorgeous Sharon! Your quilting is fabulous. One day maybe everyone will be writing in text, lol.

Just Jaime said...

I love all of the blocks! My favorite is the tree!