Sunday, September 18, 2011

Local Guild Quilt Show

I found my camera, under the front seat on the back floor. Geez!
Just a few shots from the show.

I love these types of pieces.

Fabulous piece below.  I think it won viewers choice.  Lots of thread on this baby.
This was the second place viewers choice.  Appliqued by Jan B.
Machine quilted by Jo Baner.  She rocks with her quilting!

This last photo I might have already shown. It's a Jo Baner piece.  She is really an amazing artist.

That's all I got for you today, thanks for stopping by.


Janet O. said...

They are all nice, but I love that last piece with the mountain reflected in the water. Did she use the same fabrics in the reflection as in the "real" part of the quilt and just sew something over that part to make it appear watered down? When I enlarged it, the prints on the fabrics looked the same, but the color was not as intense. Has me curious.

Anonymous said...

What a varied collection of quilts, all lovely in their own ways. Pleased to hear you found the camera...

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for sharing. Great quilts.
Don't leave your camera in naughty places.

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing :)

Barb said...

beautiful show photos. Thanks for sharing these inspiring pieces. What a great array of styles too.