Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Can Breathe!

I should have taken a "before" picture, but my gal pal was up and moving stuff out of the garage before I even got my coffee poured!
When L arrived, her first words were "What job do you have around here?" and I was prepared. The Garage! What I needed was shelving and sorting and getting boxes off the floor. Living by yourself has it's challenges, like trying to get a box of shelving out of your car when it weighs a ton! Or when you need someone to hold the brackets in the middle while the second person hammers them together from the top.
After a trip to Home Depot, we were prepared to tackle the job. There wasn't any purging, just reorganizing. Now I can breathe, and walk through my garage without zig zagging along.

If you're still with me and would like a box of scraps, let me know. I came across this box that I know is filled with scraps, and I know there is some flannel outdoorsy type prints in here. It just needs an address, can I put yours on it?
Leave me a comment and I'll get it out to someone!


julieQ said...

I would love a chance! Your garage looks great...wanna come over and tackle mine now??

susis quilts said...

hi sharon,i would love to have the box,susi

Nancy said...

Scraps just what I need more of since I like to make Bonnie Hunter type quilts.
You sure are lucky to have such a great helper.
When people show up at my house they usually want to know what's to eat.

Terry said...

Oh I love getting scraps in the mail! Thanks for the chance to get some of yours! :0)

paulette said...

I love scraps...especially someone else's! :o) Thanks for the chance!

Janet O. said...

Generous offer. With a crowbar I could probably fit in a few more scraps!

Brandie said...

Christmas in September! Put me on your list, I need a few more scraps!

Belinda said...

WOW....take a look at that garage!!! How lucky to get some help, I can relate to 'needy help' for those certain projects!! Looks great and I know you f-e-e-l much better about it!

A box of SCRAPS???!!! You know what they say about another man's/quilters junk is another man's/quilters treasure. It's kind of like eating someone else's cooking, it always taste better!!!
You're a sweety for sending out that goody box!!

Kathie said...

Its so nice to have friends that can help you.....garage looks good!