Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Work and No Play

This has been a longer work week as it started on Sunday for me. We are putting in a new software system and that brings long days and lots of work. We are almost there and it's great! But the hours have cut into my quilting time. Then I got an email from my friend, the one who has never done hand applique and is working along with me on the same project. She sent a photo and a very short email. The text said "working on number four"
And she sent me this picture.
Apparently she is doing more playing than working. I guess that's a perk of retirement! I'm not too far behind. Except I didn't mention that she already made one block, put a border on it, hand quilted it, bound it, put a sleeve on it and has gifted it away. So you could say she's on block number five. Over achiever!
I love my friends!


Karen said...

I'd say your friend is a quick learner!

Mimi said...

Wow...she has really taken off on applique. It looks pretty good to me!

Julie in the Barn said...

Wow, she's quick. It would take me months to get even one of those blocks done. I hope your work project winds up soon so you can get back to playing.

julieQ said...

What wonderful blocks! She is making great progress.

belinda said...

Yes...I feel for you about the new software system....been there done that in my past years when I worked full is very draining....being brain tired is worse than being physically tired I think!
Wow wee...I sure like her applique too!!