Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to Feel Caught Up

I will never be "caught up" when it comes to quilting. There is always a project at some state of completion and then there's the tops hanging in the closet, crying to get quilted and bound. But there is a place that I can get to that gives the illusion of being caught up. Right now it's having this quilt finished and boxed up to mail back to its owner.
I worked on this all morning and into the afternoon today, and it's on my door step so I don't leave home without it. Here are a few more shots of it. The back looks fun too, it's one big feather worked throughout the whole quilt top.
Yesterday I spend some quality time with my P9P swap blocks and I've made great headway. I would have them finished today, expect I have to go into work for a special project. Going in this afternoon will give me some time off during the week, so I know I'll hit the deadline of June and have my 36 blocks in the mail.
These fabrics are home dec quality and they are crying to be put into pillows. I also have two hand quilted pillow tops that have never been finished. I think the red florals will make nice backs for the handquilted fronts? what do you think?
Yes, I'm feeling caught up....until I get back in my sewing room and start pulling out more UFO's. I love piecing and quilting, so I'm trying to focus on the process rather than the project.
Hope your weekend has been full of sunshine!


Jackie said...

Sounds like my place! But ahhh, the feeling of getting a beautiful quilt, beautifully finished! That is gorgeous and I am sure she is going to love it!

Exuberant Color said...

That is a beautiful quilt. I'm sure the owner will be thrilled with the quilting.

Karen said...

The blue quilt has such a dimensional look to it. It is very well done.

Sharon said...

Wow, I LOVE your feather quilting! That is awesome, and I'm sure the owner is going to love it too.

Your swap blocks are great.

Caught up? What's that? I'm so far behind I'll have to live to 180! I hope you can do it!

Oh, and congratulations on the cancer-free status!! Whoo hoo!

Joan said...

I do love your quilting. Fantastic.

Valentina said...

What gorgeous quilting, Sharon, it really complements the design perfectly! wow...
I know what you mean re: UFO's. So I decided to ignore them!!!

Sonia said...

Caught up is just a dream! I sometimes think that the only way to keep me going is my ever growing list of projects.
I love the quilting on that blue string quilt!