Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Jobs, Pink Jobs

I used to tease my husband about "blue" jobs and "pink" jobs. I'd clean the bathroom before mowing the lawn or painting a fence. Those are "blue" jobs, jobs for boys. Growing up, my Dad mowed the lawn. We had to help weed the garden, I was in 4-H and had beef animals, but mowing the lawn? That was Dad work. Now there is only me, the dog can't seem to get the knack of how to use the lawn mower. I think she's faking it, cus she's a border collie and they are the smartest of dogs! But I digress. There are some things you just hire out and this is one of them. Actually, one of three of them. They are coming back to do two more areas of my yard.
I knew the landscapers were coming one day this week, so when I came home Tuesday and saw this in my driveway, I started to get excited.
And then I saw this.
Yesterday morning, I left my home looking like this and headed off to work.
Not pretty. All the dirt was falling from under the neighbors fence, there was a feable attempt to lay red bricks along the edge of this, but years of erosion had covered them up. The idea was good, not so much on the execution though.

And this is was I pulled up to yesterday after work! Sorry about the color, it's the standing in the shade taking a pic in the sun shot!
Now I need to make a trip to the greenhouse and fill this baby up with color! If I didn't do any more upgrades on my yard this year, I would be happy. This was my least favorite area of my house. A couple of bags of gravel to freshen up the edge by the house, a flat of bedding plants and this area will be done.
Both my neighbors came over to compliment the job! Thanks guys, I love it!


Melissa said...

I really didn't think it was so bad before, but you are right that it looks great now! Have fun filling it up! said...

Sharon what a difference you will have fun planting . Watching it bloom over the Summer will be very rewarding.