Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I now Return to my Regular Life

I hope I never loose the use of my hands and eyes. Life without quilting will be unbearable. I spent the last while doing nothing, thinking it was necessary because of a medical situation. Turns out that I can continue doing whatever I want, and when it gets uncomfortable, then I use my own judgement to stop. I posted the details over here if you want the updates.
Since I'm chatting about residuals of breast cancer, I thought I better throw in a nice pink quilt. This is what I look at every day in my office. It's original pattern was all made in reds, but I had lots of scraps of pink left from a Blooming 9 patch so I made this wall hanging. It's one of my favorite things and I used to have it hanging in the guest bedroom. I'm glad it's now in my office.
I did a little retail therapy after my dr. appointment yesterday. One of our LQS had an anniversary sale and I"m doing the P9P swap so I needed a few more civil war prints so a quick stop in on my way back to work did the trick.
Last night I prepped the last 2 blocks of my applique project from Dec McCalls. I've got 2 blocks almost finished, have pinned the stems and the first center layer (of 5 layers) of the second set of blocks. Once the prep for applique is done, it comes together quickly. This is the best part of the process, stitching down the pieces and watching it come to life. I'll post some progress pics later in the week.
Whoohoo, I'm back to sewing.


Kathy Patterson said...

Can't wait to see photos of the McCall's project!
Kathy Patterson
Senior Editor
McCall's Quilting

Karen said...

A very good pink quilt!

hetty said...

I love your pink quilt! Hand applique is my favourite at the moment.

Exuberant Color said...

Glad you are back to quilting. It is the best therapy in any anxious situation.

Kathleen said...

I just LOVE your pink quilt!