Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

There was great progress on my hexi project during the Winter Olympics....and then the tv coverage ended and my hexis got put away. We all know they won't sew themselves together, so when Valentina posted about One Flower Wed from Karens blog, I thought I'd give it a try. This is how I finished a very large intricate cross stitching project back in the days of that hobby. My flowers have all bloomed, they need put together. I got them lined up, marked each row and piled them in order, and got the first row sewn together. The last row as already done.
I was working on this before I remembered it was Wednesday. I'm on block three out of four and I'm loving this project.
If all these projects aren't enough to keep me busy, I'm involved in a Paducah 9 Patch swap with civil war fabrics. I needed some retail therapy after my doctors appointment on Monday and these made me feel so much better!
Sewing is great therapy!


Daniƫlle said...

Before you know your garden is all done!! Love the fabrics you bought and the blocks you made: gorgeous! Happy sewing, Daniƫlle

Valentina said...

Sharon, It will get done, and it is going to be gorgeous! :)
And your applique is 'wow'!
Keep stitching and getting better, my friend!

Karen said...

The applique blocks are scrumptious.

Mimi said...

Yes....I agree ....sewing is great therapy. It kinda takes you to a happy place. Your projects are beautiful. Can't wait to see them come together.

Karen said...

Lovely applique blocks and your garden is beautiful! I love how you outlined the flowers in red. Very bright and happy! Once you get them all pieced together, you can start another one! :)

Joan said...

Loving your garden...and your applique..great colurs you have there

Cathi said...

Your flowers are so pretty outlined in red!