Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Surprises

Buying a home is a big adventure. When I looked at this home, it was perfect and I bought it. Then I moved into it and the list is long and lenghty of things that I find "not so perfect" I had a big list pretty quick and was chatting with my friend and said, "These are the things I'd like to do this year" She laughed and told me to put "10 Year Plan" on the top of that list. She was right.

The other surprises that I am getting are outside. What color are my lilies? What is that plant? Is that a weed or something I should be keeping? A few answers have arrived this week. My clematis is a spring variety, and it's pink!

This is mixed in with a kiwi tree (?), I guess it's called a tree. It too, is supposed to bloom and bear fruit. Time will tell. Right now it's just becoming unruly with curling vines that seem to grow 6" overnight! But it's a great backdrop for the colorful blooms.
This is what I see out my kitchen window, the backside of this colorful plant.
There is a large plant in front of the kiwi, it's loaded with blooms on the top of the stalks. I have no idea what this plant is or what it will look like when it blooms. My guess is that it's going to be very showy as there is a blossom on the top of every stalk.
I'll share more colorful surprises at things unfold in my yard.


Exuberant Color said...

How exciting to identify your plants one by one as they grow and bloom. I think that is Rose Campion at the right of that flower bed. The clematis is a beautiful color. Perennials are great because you can split most of them and plant other places.

julieQ said...

Your Clematis is just gorgeous! Won't it be fun when the mystery plant blooms out?

Michaela said...

Very beautiful, the color of your clematis is great. I have some between my roses and I love them.