Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few More Red & White Photos

After looking at so many photos of this show, I've had a "hmmmmm" moment. Look at this first photo. Notice that all the quilts are paired with another quilt that is exactly the same size? I guess when you have 650 to work with, the chances of matching them up with another one the same size is pretty good. What a show!

This on really caught my eye. I have to say it was one of my favorites.  Simple, graphic and interesting quilting. It has a very modern look to it.  Diamonds? Square in a square? Lattice work?  I like it!
Click on the photos to see the beautiful hand quilting.

There's a lot of history in this one.  Looks like enough signatures to be everyone in a small town!

 This was one of my favorites. I like the simplicity of the appliqued border.  Since I don't know any history of this quilt, this is just my take on it.  Notice where the red is missing?  Click to enlarge.  To me it looks like there was a mishap with this quilt and someone repaired red pieces and since they didn't have the exact red, they used cream.
 Here's the close up.  What do you think?  What was so interesting about these quilts is that not only are they two color, they are two fabric.  Today we make so many scrappy quilts that are two color but we don't often have yards and yards of just two pieces. Maybe they didn't have any more red but thought the cream would be an easier match?  It changes the whole look of the quilt, I think it adds charm and gives it a twist!  My kind of quilt.
If you have the technology, you can go here to get the App for this show.  We'll have to wait 18 - 24 months for the printed catalog of this show, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.


Lori said...

I don't think I'll every get tired of seeing this exhibit. I actually had NOT noticed the replacement fabric-how fun!

Barb said...

wonderful photos! I think a missed a few of these. How is that possible? thanks for posting them

Kathie said...

beautiful quilts, oh the last one is one of my favorites and one I will reproduce soon.
hey she ran out and used what she had, yes we need to take lessons from these antique quilts and just relax...
wasn't this show just amazing?
hard to describe to those who weren't there....