Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red and White Extravaganza - Part 2

NYC is amazing. There is never a lack of things to see and do. While I was there for four days, I figured that since millions of New Yorkers used the subway, I should learn how their system works. After a few minutes of conversation with one of New York's finest, I was ready to tackle my travels. I also put a lot of miles on my feet.
We checked into the Lexington Raddison at Lex and 48th, so we were only a few blocks north of Grand Central Station. What an amazing building! There are lots of fabulous architecture throughout the city, everywhere you look.
Some of the old.....
This one has a quilt painted on it!

And some of the new. Trump Towers at Central Park
I spent several hours with Victoria and B at the Red and White show,
This was the surprise quilt, click on the photo for a closer look. The piecer has managed to add cheddar to this feathered star and it's gorgeous.

My travel mate arrived and we hit the pavement. Our mission was to walk through Central Park and make our way up to MOMA. We took a road that went from east to west through the park. Unfortunately it did exactly that, it went right through. No trails off of it, so we had to back track once we reached the west side. I wanted to see the Carousel and when we got there it was closed for renovations. We can thank Donald Trump. He is funding the restoration of this part of Central Park. The doors were open but gated off.
Workers had tossed their jackets and work gear over the horses that were visible from the gate. I was hoping to get a photo of the carousel, but not while the horses were all covered. Just then, a man arrived and went in through the gate. He looked like a job supervisor, so I politely asked if he could please move some of the workers coats. He made a smart reply and I was hoping he would oblige me. Then he asked if I wanted my picture taken on Bubbles, the lead horse. I squealed with delight and was through the gate like lightening.
OK so the carousel wasn't going round and round, but how delightful to get inside and see the beautiful and ornate horses up close. And to have my photo taken on the lead horse! Thank you, Mr. Trump, for supporting the reno's and hiring such a terrific guy!
The weather was clear and cold every day, but if you watched for the sunny side of the street and kept moving when it got windy, it wasn't too bad.
Central Park was a bit drab, the trees haven't broken out in blooms or leaves, bulbs have poked their heads up but haven't opened up with color.
It is an amazing park, you could spend days walking through and around it.
Some kids had some chalk and wrote on the walkway. "Create your Dream" As quilters, we try to do this every day, and seeing this show was definitely the highlight of my quilting travels and adventures.


Lori said...

That looks like a blast! How cool the man let you get your photo on the horse! Fun fun memories!

liz said...

I've only ever seen Central Park in the movies. It was nice to see it through a different lens.