Saturday, April 9, 2011

Free Piecing

 There is a challenge from my guild in The Gorge. It involves crayons and a polka dot fabric.

I'm trying to make something that is creative and liberated. I'm trying to absorb some inspiration from the blogs that share innovative and contemporary work. Bumble Beans had a great showing of work last week.  So far I have the grass pieced. What do you think?  This is my first attempt at this type of piecing. I've made liberated stars and liberated letters, but this is a lot of work!  My piece is going to be small, I think it will finish about 18 x 30.

Do you like the lady bugs in there? The vision is two more rows done in blues for the sky and the middle row will be mixed blues and greens. Flowers will grow from the grass.....I'm not sure how this will turn out, I'm going to work with some trust that the piece will find it's way and evolve into something presentable.
This is really stretching my boundaries, I like perfect points, straight lines, traditional blocks.
What stretches your quilting world?


liz said...

I'm like you. My brain doesn't function in a lateral way at all. In fact, I am still scratching my head wondering what you are going to do with the crayons and the polka dot fabric. Sometimes it's good to be pushed outside your comfort zone though.

Laura said...

Yes, I love the ladybugs! I love to piece like this. I am also wondering about the crayons???

Lori said...

Trying to think outside the box is a huge challenge for me.
I look forward to seeing where this quilt ends up. I think you've got a good start.

Belinda said...

well.....hhmm.....I'm confused (as usual)...your first photo doesn't have anything to do with your second one...??? Top photo is a seperate project right??? I'm sure anxious to see what the crayons have to do with it!
I think your 'grass' is pretty cool...and yes, I agree...liberated quilting can sometimes be a lot of work...but I still like it!!

Karen said...

I took a class several years ago that involved blocks or sections like you are piecing. The teacher liked what I was doing. Looked like flowers growing. She wanted me to continue. I was not very "liberated". I just could not finish pulling the design together.