Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Home

Here's my new home for the next five nights. Yes, there is a lamp shade, I took it off while I did some hand sewing. I brought a grab bag of projects to work on in the evenings. A binding, some hand quilting, an applique block for my BTCT. I also packed my 30's BOM that has languished for quite some time.  It started in 2008, I was on task and then I got completely sidetracked by life.
Here's the bed I left today.
Yes, this is my dog Annie. Yes, this is my bed.  She decided she needed a nap before I took her to the Doggy Hotel.  I will miss my dog more than my own bed!


Lori said...

This may be a great week to get a lot of sewing done!

Sharon said...

I'd miss my cats more than my bed, so I know just how you feel! Hope you get lots done this week.

Are you anywhere near me??

liz said...

Have fun while you are away. I am worried that the light is not strong enough. If I can, I travel with a small kind of "Ott-lite".