Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red and White Extravaganza

Wow, have you seen all the great photos and stories about the Red and White exhibit that was held in NYC this past week? I'll be posting about my trip over the next few days, so check back for lots of photos.

This photo displayed at the Folk Art Museum says it all, Year of the Quilt.

The best part of my trip was meeting up with fellow bloggers. Victoria and her amazingly sweet daughter B. from Bumble Beans, Linda and her beautiful daughter R, from Quilts in the Barn, Randi(no_blog) from Norway and Lori from Humble Quilts, Oregon.  I felt like we could all sit in this circle and be comfortable right away.  When you quilt, you have friends, it's such a great feeling!

Everyone was so wonderful and sweet and kind, I was so blessed to meet these fellow quilters from across the world.
I'd post the photo of Victoria, Linda and myself at the R&W show, but "someone" had their eyes closed and I have made a pact with my camera to delete unflattering photos. -delete- Trust me that they are both beautiful ladies!
Show review:
Overwhelming, breathtaking, jaw dropping. Ok, there are so many words to describe the exhibition, but I'll let the photos tell you about it.

Aside from seeing 651 quilts, all red and white, (there was one surprise), all in one location, the most amazing thing for me was the quilting. I did not see one quilt that was machine quilted.

There may have been some, but the hand quilting on so many pieces, one after another, was fabulous.

This one was in my top ten favorites. I can see myself reproducing this one.

The hand quilting on this one is fabulous!
Look at the Baptist Fans, how perfect.

There was no freezer paper foundation piecing going on when this was made! Look at the points. Incredible workmanship.

Every time I looked around, I saw my next favorite quilt. I was dizzy with delight.
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm so glad I made the trip to NYC. I got to the exhibit twice, and had time permitted, I would have gone again. But NYC is a big place, there was so many other things to see. The two locations of the Folk Art Museum have excellent displays of quilts right now. Macy's launched their Flower Show on the Sunday that I arrived, Broadway was lit up and enticing. Miles of paths and roads through and around Central Park took up many hours.
I unplugged for the whole time, I took my cell phone and only had it on to call for directions/locations and the rest of the time I was tech free. It was fabulous. However, I now want an IPad, they have an app, it's for the Red & White show. I'll have to entice my co-worker to download it so I can revisit the quilts one more time. It's going to be close to 2 years before the book is published. There were no posters, :( but I did get a few souvenirs.
I see a lot of red and white quilts in the future!


Sujata said...

Every single picture I see of the show, It takes my breath away all over again and put me right back in the middle of all those quilts. Great shots, wonderful post!

Karen said...

I really like the quilt with the lady at the spinning wheel. So many little squares! I am looking forward to more pictures.

liz said...

Every thing I read about this show screams exhibition excellence. So good of you to share. Non visitors can't get enough.

Lori said...

Your photos are great! Of course, nothing can top being there in person.
It was so wonderful to meet you!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

SO great to meet you and spend time with you Sharon!
It was so nice to walk through the show and chat with you!

Belinda said...

Oh my Sharon....I would have just been teary
eyed the whole time...I believe I hear the hallelujah chorus playing!!!!
You have posted some different ones I haven't seen on others blogs. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Linda C said...

It was a pleasure to sit in the circle of friendship with you Sharon, and a joy to spend time with you. Here's to many more adventures across the miles.

Tonya Ricucci said...

what a fab experience - so glad you got to go! that's the first time I've seen a date range for the book - two years is going to be a loooong time.