Thursday, April 7, 2011

NYC Stimulus

Most of my retail therapy was done prior to going to NYC but I knew that a few things would beg to come home with me. My box arrived yesterday. Yes, I had my purhcases shipped. I packed a carry on and really didn't have room for many extras on the return trip, plus it's just easier that way. I think every quilter that went to NYC last week now owns this book.
What an encyclopedia of quilts, the photos are amazing. I have only flipped through once so far, but I know this will bring me hours of enjoyment and inspiration.

I went to the Red and White show on Monday and by then some of the gift items I was going to purchase had sold out, namely the magnet set. Not to worry, there was a lot of other items to purchase. Here are my souvenirs on a yard of Rich Red that I picked up at City Quilter.
I couldn't resist this Stamp pattern as well. They had the sky fabric in stock so a yard of that made it's way into my suitcase as well. They have so many great NYC fabrics so if you haven't checked them out, click here

So I did really well, resisting all the gorgeous fabrics and treasures and trinkets. And then after seeing this post over at Humble Quilts, I went here. One yard of red isn't enough for a two color quilt. Now a package with 10 yards of Rich Red Kona solids is making it's way across the country to my sewing room. It's all Lori's fault, she tempted me with her post!
I see some two colored quilts in my future.
Stitch something today,


Lori said...

Hahaha I'll take credit for being a bad influence, but I dont believe it for a minute! LOL

I came home and ordered the book off amazon. That's my keepsake. Along with my NYC taxi pencil! LOL

Kathie said...

oh that is my favorite book of 2010, isn't it amazing lets hope the Red and White exhibit book will be as good!
love those nail files and that red rock i need that!
where did you buy those???
ah yes the rich red is a good one , so is the chinese red!
so have you started a quilt yet????

kelseynagy said...

That fabric is gorgeous! Love the pictures from your trip, looks like you had a fabuloussss time!

Lori said...

I KNEW that woman at Humble Quilts was trouble! She's dragging you down the path of evil. (Can I come along??)