Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Folk Art Museums

During my visit to NYC I took some time to visit both Folk Art Museums.  The amount of quilts on display right now is small, but they are amazing.  I have to admit to not having any interest or knowledge of folk art prior to quilting, and now I find it quite interesting.   Since you cannot use any flash, my photos aren't the best.  These museums are definitely worth visiting.
Incredible hand quilting on this piece.
 The polka dot fabric caught my eye.  Lemoyne stars that were about 4 or 5 inches.
Civil War Bride Quilt.  The work and creativity in this piece is amazing.

 I loved the cheddar and green combo.
There's no doubt when this quilt was made. LOVE the date on the front so big and bold.

This was the feature quilt at the Lincoln St location. It was made with two fabrics and it's beautiful.
I just love everything about this piece.  The inner border really adds charm.  Using a printed fabric as your color gives your quilt a lot more interest.  You get a srcappy look while only using one print, it's an excellent design element in quilting.  We can learn a lot by looking at quilts from the past.


Ann Champion said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics from the red and white..and these beauties too!
The beautiful hand quilting is so nice to see.

Brandie said...

I love the cheddar sunflower quilt! I'm putting that on my bucket list, which I hope to do some day.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us.

liz said...

I love the sunflower quilt too. It is so quirky. I'd love to make it. Great photos. We, who could nbot visit, can never get enough of either exhibition.

Kathie said...

oh so many wonderful quilts, didn't you love that cherry tree in the applique quilt?
oh the sunflower quilt was amazing...that star quilt was to die for my favorite hard to say.
I hope to go back in soon and see it again and get over to the STar exhibit I haven't seen that yet

Belinda said...

Oh wow....I believe that cheddar/green one is my