Thursday, January 29, 2009

Charming Stars

I have made a commitment to teach some classes in 2009. The main reason was that I would be forced to make a commitment that I had to keep, something I haven't done much of in 2008. Teaching also enables me to network with other quilters, I always learn something from a student or two, and it gets me out of my house. I made this block in 2006 with 2 charm packs from Moda Chocolat.It all started on a road trip to Jackson Hole with my gal pal Paula. We delivered a horse, but also made time to stop at lots of quilt shops. I hadn't seen a "Charm Pack" but it was too cute to pass up when we were in Rupert, ID. Then I saw them again in Pendleton,OR and, well, since I thought one was a good idea, two would be better, right? After much pondering, this star was the perfect project for pairs of charms. Since I"m working on a B.O.M. of 30's repro fabrics, (more on this later) I wanted a few more accent pieces to decorate with, so out of that came this runner. This is the project that will be taught on the 3rd Sat of March. It was made with charms (5" squares) and the finsihed size is 16 x 80 without any borders. I got a fantastic variety by participating in an online swap in 2007. After taking about a 6 week break from longarm quilting, this was my first project this year. I free hand feathered it and love how it turned out.
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