Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Faithful Companion

Annie Pyle
July 1999 - Sept 2013

May the sun always shine on your pink belly,
May you always have a quilt to lay your head upon
and know that your kitty is always beside you.

Anna Bananarama, you really were a super dog

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello Fall

I think this has been the most amazing summer we have had in forever. There were a few days of rain and that was it.  Endless days of sunshine and blue skies.  I got in a round of golf, the first time I've done this in years, and I have to admit, I really missed it.  I But I'm ready for some rain.  I want to quilt "guilt-free" and I need some rainy days for that.  The yard keeps beckoning me but I'm done, done, done with it!

My summer quilting has been dismal.  I spent some time this past weekend getting the final borders on this appliqued piece that I got done in May/June.  Only 2 months to get the border on, geesh!

 This is my first 4 block applique and it was great to make these big blocks. The top is 72 x 72

I've kept my hands busy with the hand quilting on this piece.  Once the binding has been finished, this will hit the wash to get out the markings, and I will be shipping it out to someone.

BTCT update: N-O-T-H-I-N-G
It will be tops on my list for Sept to December.

Quite some time back I mentioned that I wanted to get an old cross stitch piece finished.  However, these 50 something year old eyes can't see to stitch on 32 ct linen.  I borrowed a magnifying glass, but it wouldn't stay on my frame so I broke down and bought one with a clamp.  OMG, I can see.  My commitment is going to be one night a week on this and in time it will be finished.  It really is beautiful.

So I say, Good Bye summer, you've been great, but I'm really ready for the fall, the turning leaves, a few rainy days, and some crisp cool afternoons.  Bring it on!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Picture Heavy *NW Washington Fair*

I'm starting off with one of my favorite pieces in the fair. I love the fabric choices, the use of value and the piecing was very good. This was a small piece, about 40" wide. I can imagine how amazing this would be in a queen size quilt.
I don't have much detail on the quilts. I know it seems like everything has a ribbon, but honestly, everything doesn't get one. There are just so many catagories.

This was the Best of Show  I think its an Edyta Sitar pattern, but I'm not positive.  What a great showcase of prints and colors.  It was gorgeous.

This is Donna's quilt.  I love the center motif. Yes, you've seen this quilt on my blog, bu it had a cream border with applique.  They did this as a BOM.  Nice job!

The pink ribbon is viewers choice of the day.  I think this is Jo's quilt, very cool.

Wow, wow, wow!!

Best of Hooked Rugs.  I love seeing this section as I don't hook and I don't know anyone who does.  It's the once a year opportunity to view this craft.
L-O-V-E the hooked rug house.  I would love to have this in my house.

There were very few hand quilted pieces, this one is mine.  It's still one of my favorites.

Embroidery work.  Very intense designs and the whole quilt was gorgeous.

I think this is from Judy Martin's Log Cabin book,  it was a lesson in staying focused.  I can't imagine how long this one took to piece.  Amazing job!

Yes, this is the cover quilt of AP and Q.  Tonya is a local quilter and has been having a lot of success with her quilts this year.  It was quilted by Tracey Fischer, very fun designs and the threads were fabulous.

Same quilt, two different colorways. These quilts were on opposite ends of the barn, and it was fun to tell people to turn around to see the same quilt in a different color. They would look, turn back, look again, and then see the same blocks.

These red bicycles and scotty dogs were SO cute.  Hand appliqued as well.

Love this border.

I have this pattern.................somewhere!

Another hooked rug. 

How cute are these aprons.
If you've stuck with this post, you get to see my second piece. I've shown it before and was thrilled to see all these ribbons. This one ended up going into the Large, Professional machine pieced and quilted category. It won first in this group, Best of Category, Best Professional Machine quilting, and the plaque was Judges Choice for Machine Quilting. I'm humbled, as there are many beautiful quilters in my area.
Having big open spaces of light fabric really do show off the quilting. I've hung this up in my living room so I can enjoy it for a little while before I give it away. It's a gift to a very special person who kept me on the straight and narrow during my journey through breast cancer. She doesn't know she's getting this but I'm thrilled to put these accolades on the label and gift it out.