Sunday, August 28, 2022

NW Washington Fair Quilts

 Here are 12 quilts from the NW Wa fair held in Lynden WA every summer.  The last two are mine and it was great to finally be able to have these two pieces hang for public viewing.  If you haven't entered in your fair, local or state, I strongly encourage you to.  The people walking through the exhibit are constantly blown away by the colors, designs, patterns, and workmanship.  Non quilters enjoy these exhibits as much as the quilters do.

Lots of compliments on this one, viewers love seeing themed appliqued quilts

Best of Show, Wool applique and beautiful piecing.  

A Minick and Simpson pattern that was very well done.  I love the crisp color contrasts 

Snake and Ladders?  Hand quilted with a bigger stitch.  So graphic, this was one of my favorites.

More hand stitching.  Kanta styled dense quilting on this gives it a beautiful tactile look.  Close up it was stellar.

This sampler has been hem stitched all around.  I've just recently heard about this method for finishing smaller samplers.  These vintage cross stitch patterns are so delightful. 

Oh la la.  Look at these mittens and matching hat.  I know the maker and told her, "no need to wrap these at Christmas now that I've seen them"  I can't imagine how knitters keep things so organized

A small but mighty piece.  JB has a knack for taking an ordinary Bow Tie block and making it spectacular. 

Another Minick and Simpson pattern.  This one was shrunk down, darkened up with fabric choices, and beautifully hand stitched with a 12 wt(?) thread.  

Dalias on display.  JB's work is wonderful.  There is a lot of machine quilting on this which really draws the viewer into it.

Lastly, these two are mine.  My Beyond the Cherry Tree  by Sentimental Stitches finally had the chance to hang for public viewing.  It's over size for several shows I wanted to enter, but the fair had a spot on a wall that was perfect for this. 

To counter all the hand work on the BTCT, this one, Old Voices, New Impressions by Jeana Kimball is fused, blanket machine appliqued, and longarm quilted with cross hatching and outlines around all the applique.  

I love both of these pieces.  If you want to see more of my applique or my hand  quilting and you are in a guild, please reach out to me.  I have two great trunk shows, The Machine Quilter who Hand Quilts and  Many Ways to Applique.

Keep stitching,