Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Workshop Sketchings

Last month I took the plunge and signed up for Bethanne Nemesh's Fiesta Feathers workshop. As we all know, there hasn't been opportunities for in person workshops and my one effort with an online workshop back in 2020 was a bit of a fail (IMHO) 

Having followed Bethanne on IG for the past while, I'd been seeing her videos of quilting and how she was approaching her viewers. I was optimistic that her class would be good and I signed up, after waffling for several weeks. I'm so glad I did. We have had 2 lessons so far and although they are a lot of review for me, I've gained so many opportunities to clean up some bad habits I'd gotten into over the years. Here are a few sketches of ideas I've done.

 I'd love to feather your quilt top.  If interested, please reach out to me and we can make a plan.

Keep stitching,