Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dad Update

Behind the bad news of a colon/rectal cancer diagnosis, we have been blessed with nothing but good news.  Dad has gotten an MRI and a CT Scan, both have NO signs of the cancer spreading.  You just don't get better news than this.  His surgeon, who initially wanted to remove Dad's colon and put him on a bag, has backed away from this surgery and has referred my Dad to Vancouver, BC (5 hours from his home, but 45 minutes from me).  The tools/equipment to do this different surgery are not available where he lives and his surgeon referred him over to a new doctor.  I looked up the new guy and he has a long list of rave reviews!

On the horse front, Hey Didjanotice raced again last night, it was Friday night under the lights.  Dad came down for the evening, a 5 hour trek, and we all headed into the track.  The race went off at close to 10:00 pm so it was a late night for his baby to be up.  I guess for all the horses, it was a late night.  We ran 3rd again, beat out by the same horse that beat us last time.  No worries though, Dad was still in the money and she ran a great race.  I think she might be sent out to the farm for some fun and games, and that this might be her last race of the summer.  There is one more that she qualifies for, but Dad doesn't want to push her too much and she has already given him 4 great races this summer, that's a lot for a 2 yr old.

Now for quilty news..............I got nothing.  Well, that's not really true, I have the NW Washington Fair to share.  But that shall wait for another post.  I'll say it again, hand quilting makes for a boring blogger!

Are you enjoying the dog days of summer?  I sure am, it's been glorious here in the NW, in fact, we've been happy when we've had an hour or two of rain this past month and a half. 

If you live close to Bellingham, I'm teaching a technique based workshop that starts in Oct, the first Sat of each month for 6 months.  At the end, you will have a lovely US flag quilt and a bag full of new tricks for your future projects.  Contact Fabric Etc for more information.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Taking a Break

I haven't been blogging much lately and have decided to step away from the pc as much as possible when not at work.  My blogging is going "on hold" for now.  That doesn't mean I won't check my email or read  your post or comment on your blog, I just need to announce my break so I don't feel the angst of not posting.  The other issue is that my dad has been diagnosed with colon cancer..........AGAIN!!!!!!!  It's not fair, if you beat it once, you should be the winner for life.  Not so much with the big C,  you can never let your guard down.  We are in the early stages of detection, and I shall keep you posted.
During this time, know that I will be hand quilting my BTCT and a wall hanging that is being gifted out. 
Wishing everyone the best August, and remember, these are the dog days of summer, my favorite time of the year!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Check out this Quilting!

You gotta see this post!  CLICK HERE
I have no idea who this is, no affiliation, but goodness, here is some fabulous machine quilting done on her DSM.  She talks quite a bit about her process, so grab a cuppa coffee/tea and enjoy!