Thursday, December 13, 2018

Variety is the Spice of Quilting

This is a mixed bag post. I love how my job as a longarm quilter allows me to constantly mix things up. That's because all my customers are unique and I get to work on their projects. First up shows the not quilted/quilted transformation. This really shows up well on solids. This sweet quilt will be flying across "the pond" next week where it will be delivered to its new home.
Just add thread!  I love how this turned out.  My customer is calling the quilting Billows, and has assured me she will be wanting it again on another piece. 
I love the neutrals she chose for this quilt.  Sage green, custard yellow, white and grey.  They all play so nicely together.

Glorious texture.

Next up is a free form, corner triangle top full of Kaffe and dots.  The organic zig zag called for wavy lines and fun feathers.  This piecer really likes lots of quilting and I tried to keep it whimsy.
Beautiful fabrics and colors...

I loved finishing this one for my friend, her choices of colors and prints give me confidence to be more adventurous with my fabric choices.

Winter has arrived and PN pulled together this super cute panel pattern. By taking out one strip of black, the snowman takes center stage.

All those snowmen and birds needed to shine, so a simple straight line quilt motif was perfect for those borders.  And I love this corner.  The pattern called for paper piecing the corner block for a perfect match on the strip pieced border.
The panel is super cute!  You can keep this one out until the daffodils start popping up in the spring!

And after getting all my customers Christmas quilts finished and delivered, we took off to Maui. Sunset in Kihei at The Cove.  This was our last night on the island and the sunset was absolute perfection!

 My view each night from Sugar Beach Resort.

The view each morning as the sun rises over Mt Haleakala.  The perfect time for a walk along the beach.

Every year I am amazed at the hedge of poinsettia at our friends place up country on Maui.

It gets cut back every year, and continues to flourish.  As hard as it is to feel the Christmas spirit while the weather is so nice, this view does not disappoint.

We had a full moon while on vacation and I got up early to snap this photo.  It's not the best shot, iphone camera's are only so good.  This was about 6:10 a.m.  The moon was so bright, I'm glad I got up just to see this!

Once home, I was itching to get stitching and I had this little piece of redwork all stitched up.  It was done last year while on vacation and to keep it easy and get it finished, I did a simple 1 inch cross hatch and bound it with a plaid cut on the bias.  Finished is good!

Since I was still feeling like I was on 808 time, (Maui time), I used up a small left over from my guys last years pillowcase!
We came home to a surgery appointment for my guy.  He's resting comfortably as I type this.  That's because he is still numb from a very intensive shoulder surgery.  We are looking at a rehab time of 12+ months.  They say this is one of the toughest to recover from so we will be staying very close to home for the next 4 -6 months.

Aloha to you all, and keep stitching.