Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Blue Baskets 2.0

 From the minute I saw this top, I knew it was one that I just had to make.  Like RIGHT NOW, and I'm so glad that I did. 

This was created by Lori DeJarnatt of Humble Quilts and is featured on pg 53 in the June 2022  American Patchwork and Quilting.  I had the pleasure of quilting it for Lori and I couldn't resist tracing the basket for my own personal use (with her permission, of course)  I've kept my version under wraps until the magazine hit the news stands and now I want to share my vision of her pattern.

Blue Baskets 2.0

 Right now mine is only a top. I wanted to use up fabrics I had left over for another couple of projects and these baskets are perfect for that.  The finished block is only 6" and with using a fusible method, your basket fabrics may be able to come from your scrap basket.  

Most of my baskets came from left overs from this project.  They are not all "quilting" fabrics, but I loved them and I love the combo of red/navy/gold.  Not quite Americana, but certainly pieces that I will put out during the year.

Here is a BIG tip.  If you are using the sheets of fusible that come in a zip bag, you can get 3 baskets by splitting out the handle and making it a little longer.  I simply tucked the handle under the top edge of the basket when I fused it to my scrappy muslin squares and no one will notice.  

Some of my favorite fabrics shown here.  I chose to float the blocks and the corner posts along the outside edge and not add the 1/2 baskets.  Honestly, it's because I ran out of time for sewing.  I had a retreat coming up and wanted to keep this under wraps, and knew I was moving my studio immediately following my sew days.

Here is the back view so you can see how I quilted this.  The goal was to keep it simple, clean and traditional.  There is lots of sashing space for dense motifs if that's how you want to quilt yours.  I've decided I'll quilt mine a bit different, but also very traditional and about the same density.  These baskets just need an outline to let the fabrics shine.

So grab the magazine, start prepping your fusible and get busy.  You will not regret making this project. If 50 baskets seems too much, make it smaller.  13 would make a very sweet wall hanging or table topper.  Thank you Lori, for such a lovely pattern.

Keep stitching,