Monday, February 27, 2012

Block 22...

Now to prep the final 3.  Oh does that ever sound good!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

This and That

I love quilting Irish Chain pieces.  Feathered wreaths and wavy cross hatch designs are perfect for this table topper. 
It will be used, washed, used, loved, and used again, so I wanted it pretty, but durable.  The pink thread was perfect for the wavy lines.
And just because I haven't posted at all much lately, my fingers have been busy with applique.
I'm still working on my 22nd block, but I had to put them all up to see what colors and what designs I needed to finish with.  There isn't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A is for...

Yes, you are all thinking applique, but I'm thinking addicted. I just can't seem to stop the Beyond the Cherry Tree train. Since I'm so close to getting the 25 center blocks, I am obsessed with this piece. Here is block #19 in the pattern, #21 for me. I added a bit to the flowers, they just seemed to big without the flower centers on them.
And if that isn't occupying all my spare time, here is my 4 block basted. I've marked a feather wreath in the center, I'll outline all the applique and do 1/2 feathers along the sides and then cross hatch of some sort to fill the background. This piece is 48 x 48.
The pattern is from McCalls Quilting, their 100ths issue from Jan/Feb 2010.

What's grabbed your focus in your sewing room?


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mail Call

I love when my mailbox holds more than bills! I got a surprise Valentines gift from my gal pal PaulaK. Look at the lovelies in this box! It's Paparazzi, by Red Rooster and it's fabulous. I checked my LQS today and Fabric Etc had 3 other prints from this group, so yes, they did come home with me!
I've got ideas running through my head already. Now to find the time.
I also ordered a new "workshop in a box", otherwise known as a tutorial dvd. I've seen Lisa's work, it's amazing, so I thought I'd add this to my box of quilting tools.

This will be put to good use as the next quilt I have in line is calling for feathers.

Today was my monthly Applique Society meeting, I got a few more leaves stitched down on block #21 of BTCT, I've prepped #22 as well. Then in the afternoon I taught a hand quilting class, I was thrilled to see the quality of the students stitches. I got my 4 block applique basted, so it's now in the hand quilting pile. Yikes, I need it to be winter again instead of spring.
I've got lots of bulbs poking their heads out of the ground, checking to see if its ok for them to come out and bloom!
Hope you all get some time to stitch this weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning 50

This year five of us, a group of friends who've been through thick and thin since our early school days, all turn 50.  The first party was Sat night and it was a 70's theme.  I'm at the point where I feel it's a big effort to get up, dress up, and show up, yet every time I do, I have a blast with my friends.

My friend from Grade 2. That's a lot of stories!
With her husband of 25+ years.

My girlfriend from highschool and her main squeeze. We love him too!

My camera, so no pics of me. I did find an outfit at Value Village, I even saved the tag so when I return it, they won't have much to do to put it back on the rack for the next party goer. I think the outfits were a job well done.

What have you done for fun lately?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Finished This.....

EDIT: this is a customer quilt, I posted a few days ago and forgot to include this info on this posting.

So now I can get back to this.

Plus this came in the mail today, thank you Liz!
More patterns for my BTCT.  I'm now prepping Block #20 # 21. .  Woohoo!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Everyone Wins!

Lori over at Humble Quilts talks about the auctions on Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative and today I popped over to see what was up for auction.  Well, when I saw this I knew it had to come home to me.  My mom, who passed away in 2006 LOVED pigs. She gave me her piggy bank from when she was a little girl, she had pigs in her garden, a fat pink pig on her deck, she even had a blown glass pig with wings hanging from her light fixture in her kitchen. So how could I not bid on this amazing piece of work! I'll be sending it to my Dad, I know he will get a kick out of it and think of Mom every time he looks at it! Plus she would be pleased that the money is going to help those in need, my mother had a big heart and was a very kind person. I try to be more like her than me.....

Info on the piece:

Quilt #8819 - This Little Piggy

Barbara Beaumont
Hubbardston, MA USA

Width: 8.75" Length: 11.75"
Designer: Dover Publication/Ruth Soffer, Baby Animals Coloring Book, used with written permission.

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabrics, polyester, rayon and cotton threads.

Artist Statement: These cute little pigs were free motion thread painted.

Dedication: Dedicated to all the families dealing with Alzheimer’s.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

Thank you Barbara, for making such a cute piece and for your generous donation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Real Beauty

This is what is keeping me out of the bars! DebS did all the applique and now I'm quilting it for her.
I've made the same one, but mine is a 4 block piece while hers is 88 x 88
Mine is marked for hand quilting, it's going on my machine to be basted as soon as I finish Debs.
I am so in love with this pattern, it's a Rose Kretsinger pattern that was published in a McCalls mag a few years back.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pillow Talk

Yes, that is singular, pillow.  I won't be making a second one to match this, although I do love the finished piece.  I got this pattern from Janet at Quiltsalott and her piece is looking amazing.  I wimped out with a pillow!
I'm backing it with my favorite Jo Morton fabric. It wasn't my first choice, that was a piece that I just cut into a few days ago for my BTCT vase, thinking, "oh, Lee will have more of this in her store". Yes, she did, she had a whole fat quarter. Good grief, I had plenty of other fabrics to use for the vase. Oh well, I do love this piece and I took the end of the bolt so I will have it for a while.
I have backed the pillow top with Hobbs wool and a very lightweight muslin and hand quilted around all the appliques.
Tracey F. was working on this at our JT2 meeting, she is finishing up the applique, what a fabulous sampler. I love all the fabrics and blocks in this and I know she'll really make it special with her longarm quilting. Sorry, I can't remember the pattern designer. Cheri Saffiote-Payne is the pattern designer, thank you Karen!
That's all I have to share right now,

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Our JT2 group had our first meeting Sat at Fabric-Etc in Bellingham.  Ten have signed up and we had 9 make the meeting.  Here are the beginnings of JT2 Whatcom County style.
First up are Verna's blocks. WOW is all we could say when she opened up her display.  She's using all blacks and whites and it is striking.  She tested both red and black stitch work and the unanimous  decision was to go with the black. Beautiful!
Next up are Tonya's blocks. Now don't think she followed the trend with hers either.
Tonya is using a variety of shirtings for her backgrounds and it is looking amazing!
It's a little hard to see the colors in this one, but Tracey really stepped out and is using a striking eggplant and cream combo.  Hers is definitely going to a winner when it's all finished.

Jan is using some of her stash for this one.  I think she said she pulled almost 30 reds when she started shopping in her sewing room.  She's got some subtle mixes, she used a different red for the roof of the house, and it's just enough to give her block dimension.  Jan is also doing the redwork and it's sure looking good. 
Here are a few of my blocks, I have the big one from Feb 1 to finish and I'm all caught up. As much as I love mine, solid red and cream, it seemed a little ho hum after seeing all the other combos. There was even a pink and brown combo, but Carol didn't get her blocks up on the wall. Next time!
I'm amazed at how organized some quilters are. People have binders and plastic sleeves for their blocks and patterns, even a cover sheet for the binder. Geez, I emptied out a plastic bin big enough for a 12 1/2" block and that's it. After I've made the block, who knows where the pattern went to. Hmmm, I could take a few pointers from the organized ones, then again, maybe not, old habits die hard!
Our JT2 group will meet on the first Sat of the month; next meeting is March 3 and Tracey is going to demo foundation paper piecing.  I know I could use a refresher on this! There was such a demand, that an afternoon mid week class has been scheduled. Call Fabric-Etc for details!