Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Cheer 2017

My classic 'go to' Christmas baking. Shortbread cookies. I got a request for chocolate drizzles, so my final batch is dressed and ready to gift.

My favorite Christmas textiles.  I adore this pattern by Minick and Simpson.  It's from a back issue of Primitive Quilts, and it was fast using wool for the leaves and berries.  Grunge background gives this such a vintage feel.

An oldie from days gone by when I X stitched for hours on end.

My Lonestar Christmas pillows.  I used this as a sample and didn't want to sew a second strip set. I thought a bit of big stitch and red and green french knots would finish off the solid fabric section.

This one is just too darn cute.  A Crabapple Hill pattern from years ago, but still, and always will be relevant for this time of year.

My little Charlie Brown, but real, tree this year.  I guess we purged a bit too much during the last few moves as neither of us had a tree stand.  Now we have a new one!

Hand crafted Santa, painted on foraged bark,and purchased on our Alaskan cruise in May.

I couldn't resist this ornament, again, locally made in Maui.

To support a local pressed glass studio, Whimsy, located in our county.  I fell in love with these snowflake ornaments and although I only stopped in to donate packing foam peanuts, I came home with this beauty.

We will be having a green Christmas, but we have snowmen in the house!

And look what Santa brought on Thursday......

Grinch Green, ok that's really not the factory name for this color. looks fast standing still. My guy's present to himself. He does so much for others, so I am thrilled he did this for himself.  This will keep him busy in 2018 and I couldn't be happier for him. He now has a retirement project.
Wishing all my blog readers the very best the season has to offer.   It's all about good cheer, friends and family, giving and relaxing.  I have so much to be thankful for, and we count our blessings throughout the year, not just at Christmas.
The hustle and bustle and bell ringing is fun, but may you have a few minutes to relax and stitch, listen to some carols, slow down, have a cuppa cheer and enjoy the moment.
Merry Christmas to all!