Friday, December 20, 2013

Do I need Therapy?

Block of the Month being offered by Sentimental Stitches called Benjamin Biggs.

Oh how I have resisted. I've heard rumblings about this BOM that is starting in January, but I've been strong, I've resisted clicking buttons to find the website and drool all over the quilt. But I am simply human, a quilter who loves applique and has no resistance to red/green/cream quilts from days gone by.

My BTCT will need a sister quilt to keep it company, and so I will embark on another 2+ year journey and will probably hand applique these blocks. However, you all have permission to call an intervention and come take away my thimble if you hear that I'm going to hand quilt this one!

So are you going to join in the fun? Do you want a separate blog for this quilt or a continuation of the BTCT blog?

And if I knew how to get pictures from my iphone to my tablet (surface) I would show you photos of the lovely snow that has be hanging out at my guys place today. How could I forget it was supposed to snow last night? And I have NO quilting supplies here.

Stay warm wherever you are!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slash of Sunshine

I've had this quilt for a very long time........seriously, probably close to 2 years. And no, it's not one of my tops in a pile.

The time came to finally get this loaded up and quilted. We had already decided on the quilting, it was my getting my mojo together to do the quilting.

It turned out really well. My original plan was to echo the applique, but once I got all the blocks around the applique quilted, I felt that stitch in the ditch and a frame was enough to make the applique shine.

I always want to quilt so that the piecing is showcased.

Here is a shot of the back.

This is all packed up and ready so ship back. K was fine with me posting pictures before she gets her quilt back.
Now to pull out one of my tops and do something more than an edge to edge. I think I'm going to pull out a log cabin top and feather all the light sections. But first I have a tote bag to make.

Jingle Bells,