Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

NW WA Fair Photos....

..........of quilts. I didn't make it out of the Needlework barn, but my sole purpose for attending the fair was to volunteer at the barn and help with the take down of quilts. Every year the work seems to get better and better. I thought there were more "artsy" quilts entered this year and I am amazed at the variety that our area produces for this annual event. Here are a few pictures.
^Art group from Bellingham, absolutely stunning work, and very worthy of the ribbons.^

^Thread painting by Jo B. from Bellingham. WOW is all anyone could say when they admired this at the fair last night.^

^Another Jo B. entry, also with a blue ribbon. Such quality artistic work^

^Double wedding ring with appliqued borders, FANTASTIC^

^Betsy S. on left, blue winner for wholecloth catagory. Such original work, quilting is excellent. Art quilt on right by Jo B. ^
I shall post more later. Click on any pictures for close up views,
Sew a little today,I'm going to try!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the winners are......

How exciting! I haven't gone to the NW WA Fair in Lynden WA yet, but here are two photos taken last night in the Needlework building. I'm tickled to death. It's been a rough spring/summer health wise, my quilting has ground to a screeching halt due to breast cancer and radiation treatments. Just when I thought I would move on to find my "new normal" lymphedema has set in my right arm and it has me wrapped from fingers to under my arm. I did have a couple of small projects that I finished this winter and I'm pleased as punch that they ribboned in the fair!
You can't win if you're not in!
So work on something for your local fair, you never know what may happen.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Fair Time Again

Since I haven't been working on any big projects this year, I decided I would still put a few entries together for the fair. They may be small in size, but they are full of work. This first one was hand pieced and hand quilted and it finished at approx 16 x 16 inches.This next one is approx 14 x 14 inches and has been all hand done. I know that people can make wonderful catherdral windows using their sewing machine, but this was my first effort at this pattern and did it by hand. I really like the scrappy look of the colors and the tea dyed muslin makes for an interesting background. I like the vintage feel of this little piece.This last picture is a quilt I made for my dad. I just got the new McCalls and a reader made this pattern up in brights and sent in her photo. I have made so many "cover" quilts, yet I never seem to get it together and send off the finished picture.So I'm showing it on my blog.
Check out your local fair this summer, you never know what you may discover!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My dear friends Paula and Jeff sent these to help celebrate my last day of Radiation. 35 days have finally passed, I've graduated and now I am cancer free!
I had to post two pictures because the vase was so full and round, I wanted to show off all around it!
Stop and smell some flowers today!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Really, I'm still quilting...

I'm just not blogging like I planned. But then again, I didn't plan on getting breast cancer so sometimes life just comes at you with a thud! I'm definitely on the mend, but I'm having some arm/wrist swelling which has curtailed my quilting in a huge way. But life is for the living, (or the quilting) and it's like I've lost my right arm. I've decided to do things anyways. I'll do a little hand quilting, then a bit of English Paper Piecing, or some longarm quilting and then some piecing. All in moderation, but it doesn't make for any finishes(or photos for blogging). Here is a quilt that I quilted this weekend. It's a fund raiser for a camp for terminally ill children and my friend Mona B. from Idaho sent it over for me to quilt. It's going back tomorrow for binding, labeling and showing off so it can raise money for the kids! I love it.
^click on photos for large image^

I've also been moving along with my hexi's and I've posted them over at the Great Hexagon 2 site. You can click here to see lots of great things that are happening over on that blog.
My log cabins and scrappy blue pineapple blocks have been put on hold, my machine got put away. I had company coming and I had to find my kitchen table!
We are in the dog days of summer, it's lovely and warm. Some have complained of the few hot days we've had, not I. During March and April I don't think I had a day where I wasn't cold. Do I love the hot muggy nights, nope, but it always passes, we enjoy the rest of the hot days in the 80's, and people don't complain as much when we come off the heat wave.
So turn on the fan, break out the ice water w/lemon and relax, it's summertime.