Thursday, February 3, 2022

Travel Stitching aka Camelot Update

Third time is the charm.  We have cancelled this vacation twice and we finally got to Maui last Sunday at 10 PM.  It was a long day as our first leg of the trip started with us being fogged in at our local airport when we arrived at 4:30 a.m.  After several attempts to fly out from home,  we drove to Seattle, got our pre-clearance wristbands for Maui, and headed to the Alaska lounge for a snack and a relaxing glass of wine.

We spent a few hours out on the ocean on this beautiful sailboat.  A terrific crew, great company and lots of whales entertained us as they played in the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands.


Our friends papaya tree was loaded but alas, not ripe. 

We had blue skies and wonderful breezes.

My favorite spot is Big Beach out at Makena.  Crashing waves and the clearest waters.  Once I get out past the breaking waves, I could float for hours!


My friend has an addiction to succulents.  This is a small selection of her wall of plants.  Definitely the right place for these plants.

 And since it's a 6 hour (approx) flight each way, I got a bit more stitching on my Camelot.  The top block is now pressed to it's 16.5"

And this block is about 1/2 ways together.  This one was a bit tricky to figure out the pathway to stitching it together.  There are lots of seams that will sit against the center circle so I'm sewing sections onto the center, rather than trying to set the center into the star.  So far it's working well. 

Now that we're home,  I will give this block a bit of evening stitching time to finish it up so it won't make my next trip, whenever that may be.  This will make 6 of 16 and I'm loving every stitch of this.  It's my 60th year and I am committing to having this as a completed top in 2022.  We might have to take a few road trips to make this happen.

Keep stitching,