Monday, December 26, 2011

Long Overdue Thanks

Long overdue thank yous for a few things that have made their way to my house.  First off, Louise, Thank you for the red, cream and blue. What a lovely gesture when I got my US citizenship! I love the ribbon that ties it all together. 

Louise again, I LOVE this pin cushion.  It's a) cute b) big and c) it's from your heart.  I sew appreciate it and as you can see, I use it too!

Merry, you overwhelmed me with this gift.  I was expecting the pattern and you gifted me the whole block of the month packets. WOW. I really have my work cut out on this project.

I have to get my level of applique turned up a few notches so my blocks match the one you have already made.

 So here's the story,  Merry didn't like the colors so she switched all the fabrics to purple instead of the pink. This quilt is going to be a 2012 BOM at Calico Creation in Mt Vernon, WA (no website).

Gretchen  Monti was the machine quilter and  the picture does not begin to do  justice for the incredible custom quilting she provided.  Hopefully you  will visit Calico Creations soon and have an opportunity to actually see  the quilt (and of course, shop!).

Look at this border design, it's wonderful.

There is another version of this quilt posted on Mrs Meatloafs blog.  Her quilting is very different than the picture above, but it is also spectacular.  Definitely worth  a peek!

Once I finish my 30's BOM, I'll get back to my BTCT and start working in a few of these blocks.  I love the pieced backgrounds, this is a fabulous quilt.

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Nancy said...

Looks like this will be a fun and beautiful BOM to work on...Lucky you. Hope you had a good Christmas.