Friday, December 21, 2012

Basted days and Basted nights...

Are you singing along in your mind?  I hope Wasted days and wasted nights doesn't stick in your brain for the next few hours. :-)
It's a big job making a back for a big quilt. Good grief, 3 yards of fabric X 3 makes for a big piece to press and square up!
Once I got the back loaded, I thought, well, I can get the batting basted down. When that was done I thought, well.....I could pin the top one........then baste the top edge down. Maybe I'll baste this first section.....and it turned into 3 sections.

I'm basting with YLI 50 wt machine quilting cotton in a pale yellow, because it was what was on my machine from the last quilt that I did. As for bobbins, this is the opportunity to use up all those partial bobbins left over from customer quilts. It's quite a mixed bag of threads on the back. I'm basting rows across the quilt then I go back and do the vertical lines. This is giving me a grid of approx 2". Once I start quilting I snip and pull out the basting as I go along.

**3:30 pm update, basting complete! Let the quilting begin!**

Jingle bells


Mimi said...

I am so anxious to see this quilt done. You really don't think it is going to take years, do you? ;D

Marie said...

This is going to be so lovely - you must be so excited now that it is at the quilting phase. Enjoy every minute of it!

Carol said...

Ohhhh....exciting! Can't wait to see your progress. Is it going to AZ with you? Enjoy your holiday with your Dad!

Pat said...

oh yes! - you really shifted in to high gear!!

antique quilter said...

Yeah!!!! this quilt is going to be such a joy to hand quilt
what batting did you use?

Janet O. said...

I love it when I get some task completed when I hadn't really expected to--as long as a lot of other things didn't suffer in the process. : )
This will be such a treasure!

Unknown said...

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