Sunday, July 26, 2015

When Inspiration Hits

Sometimes we see something that clicks in our brain and we just HAVE to do something with the spark.  It might be a piece of fabric, an architectural design, a new way of looking at a ruler or template, or it might be........a rug.

This isn't my story, but I must share it with my fellow quilters as it's quite remarkable.  My phone rang one day in June and a lady on the other end says, "I have a quilt that needs to be finished".  She was referred to me from another customer, (thank you Nancy) and showed up at my studio with this quilt.  MLW started telling me she wasn't a quilter, but that she has been working on this project, on and off, for 10 years.  Apparently it was "lost" for a few years.  We wouldn't know anything about that, right? (*wink*) 

After much searching online and pondering design ideas for the navy blue negative space, we finalized a design that was both circular and linear.  She also wanted Stitch in the Ditch around all the patchwork.  Can you see me tremble?  This baby is 116" wide.....

And now click on the picture below.  See all that jute cording around the piecing?  She couched that on every block before she constructed the quilt, and in the process, this covered up the ditch.

The upside of that? It was much easier to do the ruler work around all the blocks.  The sashing running through the blocks was all diamonds, with a fabulous Kaffe stripe and MLW rotated every second block to achieve the same look as the rug that sits at the foot of her bed in her Mexican getaway.

There were a few issues along the border of the patchwork that needed a bit of cleaning up, and after 10 years, we found that that the back was not big enough .  So off to the store she goes, and returned with this fabulous cheddar piece that I inset down the middle and it is gorgeous. 

For someone who claims to "not be a quilter" the work was extraordinary. The ruler work was a delight, as her piecing was spot on, the pressing was suburb, and this makes a machine quilter's job so much more enjoyable. Since the navy rows were hand guided, they are not perfect. I loved stitching out this motif, I could see it as a fabulous border design on something. It was a perfect combo for this quilt.
When MLW picked up her quilt, I told her she should continue to quilt. The workmanship was so wonderful and she made this whole piece because of the inspiration she got for her rug. Can you imagine what else she might make? I hope to see something else from this talented crafter.

Keep stitching,


Pat said...

Wow!! And Wow!! Again - that is one fabulous quilt - unique, innovative and definitely inspired. In your hands, the quilting added even more to this...great job!

Chantal said...

I am VERY happy you shared this with us. It is just FABULOUS!! Amazing. I too hope you get more from this lady and that you will post about it again. ;^)

Sharon said...

This quilt is amazing! So beautiful, and so original and inspired. Your quilting adds depth to this incredible quilt - beautiful job, Sharon!

I too hope this lady continues to quilt. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Mimi said...

I was just thinking about you this weekend. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well and that you are just very busy. Your quilter is very talented and I think she should continue quilting, too. You did a great job quilting this project, too.

Janet O. said...

This is incredible. I can't believe it was a non-quilter that replicated that rug--and beautifully, I might add.
I am impressed with the way you chose to quilt it. Wouldn't have had a clue, myself. : )

Me and My Stitches said...

Can you imagine what she will do when she IS a quilter? Lol! What a great quilt!

Dawn said...

Wow!! That's amazing. She's a quilter, even if she's resisting.