Friday, February 22, 2019

Abstract Blue & Green

A small study of sorts.  Except when I started this my goal was to emulate techniques from a new to me book and I ended up channeling Gwen Marston.
Three colors, navy, green and off white.
Machine pieced and quilted.
Faced with navy
18" x 18"

How I use up my bits of 'hot Hawaiian' pin up girls fabric.  They remain from making pillow cases for my guy.  He gets a new one each Christmas, but I'm running out of different prints!

To show the scale of the pieces.

In some spots I bled the lime green thread into the blue.  It's a Maderia thread and it has a nice sheen to it.

When I faced this piece I used triangles on the corners.  Then I saw a post on IG about facings and checked it out.  Cindy Grisdela, a fabulous textile artist has a great post and it's worth a read. I'm going to try her method next time.  I struggle with the corners!

This piece is on it's way to Mexico. Hopefully it will raise a few dollars for an animal shelter at their annual fund raiser that my sister helping with.  I don't like to donate where pieces are in a silent auction, I'd rather donate the money.  But I made the exception this time.  I once saw a queen quilt go for $48 in a silent auction.  It stabbed me to see that happen.

Have you faced a quilt?  What about stretching a piece over a canvas?  Did  you quilt it first or just mount the top?  What about mounting the finished piece right on the canvas?  I'm intrigued with having a nice back finish.  That's my stumbling block on the stretching over a canvas/stretcher bars.  Any ideas?

Keep stitching


Louise said...

Hi Sharon, a number of years ago, pieced and quilted my piece then mounted on artist stretcher bars..I was very happy with the
results. The little quilt was layered with batting and completely quilted. Hope this helps.

Janet O. said...

I have not done any of those creative things with a quilt.
And without the dome in the photo, I would never have guessed the scale of the piecing on this quilt. Mind boggling!

Lori said...

I hope it raises a lot of money! YOur quilting is taking a turn for the super modern! It seems you are really enjoying it, so that is awesome!!

Jan said...

I really like your abstract piece! I would like to explore more of this after I move some WIPs to the finished pile.

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Nifty Quilts said...

Nice little mini! Definitely channeling Gwen. ; )

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