Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Blue House on the Corner

The blocks for this quilt were pieced during my quarantine in Sept 2020  The pattern for this house block is from the October 2020 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. My initial idea was to make all the blocks in different colors, and after making a test block in blue, my fabric pull quickly turned into a stack of gorgeous browns and creams.

Some things got a little mixed up in the construction of the blocks and it seemed that I either didn't catch it, or didn't think it was worthy of a seam ripper.

This oops is so hard to see that I had to blow up the photo to figure out why I had it in this post!

When the siding went on the materials got a bit mixed up as well.  Being all browns, I guess it was a bit much to keep all the prints separated. Or becausse I was in quarantine and some things seemed to have lost their importance.

More mixed backgrounds

Mixed siding

Years ago I saw a house pattern with stars as the setting post.  I've had a photo kick around my studio for years, the houses were black and white, and the stars were red.   It was very striking.  My first house quilt had no corner posts and here was my chance to put the stars in the sashing.  And yet, I ended up with a 9 patch.  It would have been faster to strip piece these blocks, but they wouldn't have the scrappy charm that you get when you sew one square at a time.

Here is the pattern from the APQ issue.  Stars and scrappy houses and all, and yet, my top ended up brown.  With a blue house on the corner.  My first house was a blue house on the corner.  So when I put the top together, I kept that test block and added a little touch of blue in the 9 patches.

 The top is complete, I've done my scant 1/8" stay stitch all around the perimeter.  That stay stitching will keep the edges from stretching out, AND it will keep my seams from popping open when it gets loaded and stretched on the longarm frame. 

Have you made a house quilt? If not, why not? This one has a paper pieced roof and it came together with no issues at all. Build a house, build a village, build a city. There are so many great patterns out there. Keep stitching, Sharon


Karen said...

Oh Sharon, your House Quilt is sew cute! I love the browns and I think it was such a sweet idea that you added the blue house too!
I will have to look for that AP issue.

Sue said...

It's striking in all browns. I've started a Civil War Love Letters quilt (one block) in browns. I was a bit iffy about using all brown until I saw your house quilt. I'm going to keep going with just browns.

Lori said...

I love it Sharon! I also love the mixed up prints. I had to look hard to see it!

Tammy said...

Love house blocks. Love that you included the "blue house on the corner."

Janet O. said...

Oh, I love this! Your post came as such a surprise to me! I saved that same pattern, and I am making all the houses blue. I am going to have red stars in the corners.
Love yours in brown--with your blue house on the corner. How fitting!
My plan is to add an extra row. I made my first block last night, but I must have cut something wrong. The chimneys are balancing on the tips of the roof, but mostly dangling in air. I must have cut that center strip too wide, but I was too tired to change it, with no time today to unpick. It is on tomorrow's list.
Are you going to quilt Baptist Fans, or do you have another plan?

gladiquilts said...

What a great quilt! A “house” quilt has been on my “to do” list for a very long time. You make me want to move it to the top of the list!🙂

Yvonne said...

Here you can see my house quilt with stars. I like the Nine patch too. Always wanted to make one. The corona time was a good moment to make one since all we do is stay home.....

Marie said...

Luv it, switch ups and all! And it's perfectly named.

QuiltGranma said...

Love your houses!