Friday, January 21, 2022

Zagged Instead of Zigged

Outback Wife fabrics were quite a rage back when life was different.  I had seen several makes from the first collection and when the second grouping was released, I jumped on a 1/2 yard stack of all the prints.  I knew I wanted a very scrappy top made with everything combined and I started making 1/2 sq triangles out of each print. 
This has been "in the works" for a long time.  It's languished on my design wall at my second studio, (that I have rarely gone to in the past year) but I decided it was time to start sewing the blocks together.  My colors were organized and then, due to neglect, most blocks fell to the floor.  Upon re-engaging with this project, I twisted the blocks for row 3.  So now it's going to be row 4.  The plan is to make 4 sections 5 x 5 and that will make a good sized quilt.
My inspiration is from this book.  I love so many pieces in here, but the zig zag really sung to me with the Outback collection.
Notice how the 4th row switches direction?  It's very subtle and I think it adds interest.  There *might* be some zags instead of zigs further along, it depends on how closely I pay attention to things.

and for something different, here are the four Camelot blocks that I got pieced over Christmas.  I have several more blocks prepped for future travel.

Enjoy your weekend, and keep stitching!



Janet O. said...

The Zig (or Zag) is a fun design!
But those Camelot blocks are stunning!

Lori said...

Fun zig zag quilt! Your Camelot blocks are amazing!

QuiltGranma said...

Sure looks like you are having fun with your fabrics. It is good to get back at a project and get it do e so it finally quits nagging at you. I have so many nagging that I'm going deaf!

Unknown said...

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