Sunday, October 3, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon

No more books, no more fabric. This was my mantra after the weekend of travel and quilt shows. It had something to do with the few solids that I bought.
This is what happens when friends shop a sale for you! I didn't miss out on anything and most of these are 1 yard cuts! These are the first solids I've purchased, and now that I have them I have so many ideas running through my mind.

I also resolved to not start any new projects. That went out the window when I bought 'Tis the Season Even though it's fused, each tree takes about 15 minutes to blanket stitch around. This was the insert in a quilt in the book, but I thought it would make a fun banner.

I've quilted a few quilts, here is Debbies. It was supposed to be a gift, she liked it so much she's keeping it for herself and making another one! I can relate. I donated my "mom's" quilt to the hospice fundraiser on Friday night and I felt like I was giving my mom away. Yes, I cried. We stitch so much of our lives into our work. I wonder if a non-quilter has any inkling of this?

Here is another customer quilt. This is one of her first projects, and we are going back a few years. She sure had her value placement on this one. It turned out so nice.
And since I started a new project, I thought I'd pull out a WIP. I don't have many UFOs, honest. Just projects that have been set aside, not abandoned. This was my swap and the best thing that I did was to put all the blocks up on the design wall and make the placement decisions before packing it away. When the blocks arrived, I was in the middle of a few other projects and just couldn't get to this one. Now it's a piece of cake. I'm pinning one row before I leave my sewing room, and when I go back the next time I sew up this row. 2 sewn, 1 pinned, 5 left to go. I should have this into a top by hallow'een.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. And yes, I bought some more fabric yesterday!


Mimi said...

LOL! We are all entitled right? We are woman and we can change our minds. Love your solids and the Christmas one is adorable. Hey, as long as you are working on them...... :D

Karen said...

The pile of solids looks yummy. I have been purchasing solids also. I don't know why they have appealed to me so much of late.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I don't think non-quilters have ANY IDEA how much a quilt is a journal of our lives while making it. I can almost always tell someone what was going on when I made a certain quilt; the one I pieced while the electricians rewired my whole house, the one I pieced while the hardwood floors were been refinished and kitchen remodeled, the one I was working on when my mother passed away. We are attached to them and they are like giving away our babies.

liz said...

I can relate to Exuberant Color. Every quilt does remind me of a period in my life. I think a blog is a good way of capturing that experience too.
Your solids are almost edible! love 'em.

sonia said...

What's another yard or two or twenty? hehehe...
If it doesn't financially kill you, then knock yourself out, no excuses!

I also have some quilts I know I can't let go of. Amazing, they are only fabric and thread to someone else, where to me they are a bit of my life and spirit.

Browndirtcottage said...

You are too funny girl with your non purchase pledges....don't you know it's IMPOSSIBLE to stay on the wagon!!!
Yes...I know about giving away quilts to others I KNOW they don't have a clue is VERY
VERY hard!!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

I absolutely love solids! I bought alot of Cherrywood hand dyed solids a year ago. And the Gee's Bend Solids are awesome too. Take a look at my blog entry on the Amish Liberated Sew Along and you'll love that whole blog. Tonya is amazing!