Saturday, August 9, 2014

It Only Took 14 Months

Yes, that's right. 14 months to make a 15" sq block.

I have to justify that, though. This started at my last Gwen Marston workshop in June 2013. It was her Medallion workshop and I finished one piece on day 2. Then I spent the rest of the time making all sorts of little blocks, testing them out for value, size, technique, etc. I also knew, from studying Gwen's quilts, that I wanted a round in my piece to be flying geese. My focus fabric is a gorgeous red with cheddar and I was advised to make the triangles on my FG from a variety of cheddar. Although scrappy, it will show off as a round of cheddar.

Since I had to sew my FG one by one, and put squares on the corners of the rectangle, I got busy and made bonus blocks, ala Bonnie Hunter. All these little 1/2 square triangles finish out at 1 1/4" and there are 288 pieces in this block. It also means I have over 100 FG all stacked up and ready to go into this quilt. It won't be the next round, but when I add in the FG, all the same fabrics will be represented in the center of the quilt and I think this will really pull the whole thing together and give the piece some continuity, even though it will be very scrappy.

A lot changes in a year, my life is proof of that. But what hasn't changed is my enthusiasm for this piece, for being grateful to study quilt making under Gwen Marston, and constantly being reminded of the amazing quilters/artists that shared 4 days with me on Lopez Island. I can't wait until March 2015 when I can spend another 2 days with Gwen, gently nudging me, encouraging me, sharing her amazing knowledge of quilt making, and pushing me outside the lines of my own, self imposed boundaries.

Who has done that for you in your quilt making?

Enjoy the day!


Ramona said...

Your HST's are gorgeous!! I love the cheddar... really brings out the rich tones of the other fabrics. It looks like a box full of jewels. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Lori said...

I like these sort of projects that we don't want to rush. The journey is what we enjoy sometimes. (for me most of the time)

Janet O. said...

This was well worth the wait--gorgeous colors! Love the scrappy cheddar. Great job, Sharon. Can't wait to see what else develops here!

Louise said...

This is developing vey nicely Sharon...savor it.

antique quilter said...

OH MY I love this. some projects just need to be savored and worked on over time, I think this is one of those projects….LOVE it. can't wait to see whats next.

Mimi said...

I love it. Can't wait to see where it goes from here. I do love me some cheddar. Now I have to say that Karen McTavish truly inspired me at least in the longarm aspect of quilting. Alex Anderson got me going several years back when it comes to piecing, but I am inspired by so many quilters now that it makes me just want to constantly learn and be inspired. Lovely quilt Sharon.

Sharon J. Hughson said...

Bonnie Hunter does it for me.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilt looks so nice! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilt looks so nice! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

Karen said...

Fourteen months! Oh how I wish I were going to a Gwen Marsten get together.

Nifty Quilts said...

Your block is wonderful! I carry fond memories of taking that workshop with you. You also nudged me in some good directions. : )