Thursday, August 7, 2014

Making Progress

It might not look like much, but seriously, this is a huge accomplishment for me these days. I've been poking along with the center of a medallion quilt from June 2013. I now have all the strips sewn together and I'm ready to create the center. If you have made a quilt like this, you know that you can't go anywhere without the center. I have no idea what the next round it going to be, how big or how many blocks or what. Once this center is together, I will finally be able to move forward on this. I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favorite pieces once it's done. Interesting that I think that when I don't even know what is coming next. But I am excited and have not lost my mojo for this piece.

What Not's are F-U-N. I'm working on the second in a series of six pieces.  This next one finishes at 12 x 18 and has 42 yo-yo's on it. I've got a good start, but still have a stack of circles left to gather up.

Every piece in these little quilts is a decision and I love that everyone who joins in on the fun will use the same collection of prints/colors and yet all of the quilts will be different. Have you signed up yet? It's not too late, Carol at Fabric Etc has extended her sign up as she was able to order more fabric. If you pick up your package each month, a free tutorial will be held at her shop from 10:30 to noon with tips and tricks.

We've been enjoying an amazing summer here in the Pacific North West.  This has been the typical day here at Birch Bay, WA

And just for some cat cuteness............

Hope you are having a fabulous summer, Skids is enjoying himself, how about you?



Janet O. said...

Mmmm, LOVE those fabrics. I can see why you think you are going to love this! : )

Nancy said...

Just gotta love those kitties. I am headed to the beach for a week with the grandkids before school starts.