Monday, June 20, 2016

Got the Blues?

The state my sewing table has been in for the past few 6 months.  Piles of 2" squares, all waiting to be stitched together with assorted creams/whites and made into blocks.
One at a time, these squares are slowly becoming strips.  Some start and end with blue, others with cream/white.
They get pulled out of this box by the handful, and rest patiently beside any current piecing project, just waiting for the end of a sewing session, so they too, can get stitched together. O-N-E at a time.

At first I thought that a 16 patch would be the right size.

but I didn't like that the block wasn't even.  It needed to have blue in all the corners.

And then the 25 patch block morphed into this, a 49 patch block.  Now we're talking!

This bottom block makes a statement!

So far I have enough sections for 13 blocks, only 43 more to go.

Oh, and then there's the forty eight  9 patches that I need to make..... yes, 48!

At least I moved away from the first idea, 1" finished squares. One 9 patch and I quickly realized how long I would be at this project.

This is my Ocean quilt, and I just couldn't strip piece this block.  I love the randomness of putting each square together, one at a time.  No timeline, just a labor of love for my guy.

Keep stitching,


Karen said...

I like the pops of the brighter blue squares. Brings life to a blue and white quilt.

Mimi said...

It's going to be beautiful Sharon.

Janet O. said...

I was liking the 25 patch until I saw the 49 patch. Really is striking. And the colors are a soothing sea of blues.

Brandie said...

This is going to be gorgeous!

Nifty Quilts said...

It's going to be beautiful! I love the randomness too.