Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Big and Bold Appliqued Quilt

This customer quilt (thank you JT) was a delight to machine quilt.  Lots of open spaces of solid fabrics for the quilting to show up, a customer who drew out motifs and designs to get me jump started on ideas, and beautiful workmanship to make my job easier.  PHOTO HEAVY POST  Scroll through for some eye candy, ideas for appliques, color combinations, and back photos.  The green in this picture is pretty close to the actual color.

So interesting how light affects many things.  It allows us to see the shadowing on the quilting, and at the same time, the colors change so much. iphone photos.

A bit of detail on the background motifs.  Her fussy cutting of the florals was so fun to see.

If you've got this far and would like to inquire about my quilting for your next project, please reach out via email or my IG account #grassrootsquilting.

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, keep stitching.



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