Lectures and Workshops

My workshops are designed for quilters who are confident beginners and beyond.

Lecture/Trunk Show

My trunk shows consist of 35-40+ quilts, is 60-75 minutes and includes time for Q and A.  Requirements are tables for the quilts and two quilt holders.  If available, a quilt rack that could accommodate a 100 x 100 quilt would be nice, but isn't necessary. 

The Machine Quilter who Hand Quilts

When I first started quilting, I thought the only reason you pieced a top was so that you had something to hand quilt.  In my mind, I equated the term "quilting" with "hand quilted"  Long arm quilters were getting established and by 2004 I had ordered my machine and was setting up shop!  I continue to hand quilt as I love the relaxing, rhythmic process.

My Life through Quilts

This trunk show features my very first quilt from the late 1990's to my current designs.  Included are applique, hand quilting, traditional and liberated. I will share a lot of lessons learned and processes that I use and talk about how quilts and quilting has impacted my life.

Many Ways of Applique

My second quilting class was fusible machine applique and I was hooked. Since then, I've taken several classes and now have many different applique techniques in my bag of tricks. From a one block piece to a 25 block hand appliqued/hand quilted 100" x 100", you will see many styles and variations of applique.


Thank you for considering me to lecture and/or teach at your event.  I've had many patterns published and I love to share my knowledge of piecing and quilting that I have gained from many other teachers and authors.  The biggest influence in my quilting has been Gwen Marston.  Having the opportunity to learn from her changed my quilting life.  She has given me so much, and along with the lessons learned, she has also given me the blessing to teach her methods. I have dual citizenship for CA and USA so working in either country is not an issue for me.   If any of these classes meet your needs, please contact me to to schedule a booking.

It's a String Thing

This is your opportunity to dive into the world of string piecing. You can make your blocks controlled by cutting strips from your favorite fabrics, or sew with abandon, and use up all those left over strings that seem to multiply in your scrap bin. Your background fabric will be your block base. There will be lots of "string things" shared in this workshop. Great for those wanting to try some unrestricted piecing.

One day class

Rich Tradition

Featured in APQ Aug 2018
Here is the perfect, on point, project for all those big prints you have tucked away in your stash bins. By paring each block with a contrasting co ordinate, the result is this graphic elongated diamond sashing. There are many ways to make 1/2 square triangles and this class focuses on using the Easy Angle ruler. Stretch your skill base and see why so many quilters love using this ruler.

One day class

Cut it Up

Did you start a project and lose your mojo? Did you make a few extra blocks that didn't make the final cut in a quilt? Bring your left over blocks and learn how to work them into a new quilt top. This fun class is an opportunity to step out and create your own unique piece. Shapes can be free hand cut or controlled using rulers. Learn how to put odd sized blocks together with piecing and/or half seams to create a top that is flat and straight. This class is packed with techniques.

One and two day classes

String Steps 
(Liberated Courthouse Steps)
If you have wanted to make a Courthouse Steps quilt, but your eyes glazed over when the pattern says to cut hundreds of 2" strips and sub cut them into hundreds of smaller pieces, then this is the workshop for you. Bring your box of strings that vary from 1 1/2" to 3" wide, cut a stack of center squares and we will get busy.  Blocks will be flat, straight and square, and very little measuring is used. A MUST HAVE for this workshop is a 12 1/2" square ruler. One complete block (12 1/2") will be created and several more started in the one day class. After making several blocks, a design wall is extremely helpful in creating your layout. For extended designing, book a two day workshop.

String Flowers

Featured in APQ October 2018
Take your string piecing to the next level and learn how to applique with them.  There is no foundation used in this method of string piecing, so no papers to tear out, no extra layer of fabric behind, and no lines to follow.  Both hand and machine techniques are covered in this class.  Use up those extra pieces in your borders and make a unique 4 block wall hanging.

One day  or two class

Liberated Stars

This workshop is great for all levels of liberated quilters.  If you've made these stars before, you know how much fun they can be.  Gwen Marston taught me how to make these stars and I have incorporated them in so many quilts.  The block is based on a 9 patch and in this workshop I'll share how to make all sizes of blocks without complicated math.  Inset a star in your star, or make stars that are rectangular vs square.  Use filler strips and half seams when putting all your stars together and achieve a finished top with your own unique stamp on it!
One and two day workshops

One Block Flower Pot
Hand applique the EASY way

If hand applique has been intimidating, then this is the workshop for you.  Bring your fabric, paper and scissors to this workshop and start creating. Gwen Marston opened this applique door to me, and I love having this in my Applique "bag of tricks".  By keeping things "back to basics" you will learn how to make simple applique shapes and stems. Bias stems have never been easier. No patterns, no templates, just creating and stitching your own designs.

One day class

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