Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Quilty friends arrive with some of the best surprises. Muriel made her way down to my place Friday night and we had our ritual Friday night dinner at Costco. We are a pair of cheap dates, what can I say. When we came back to my place, she pulled out this amazing book cover that she made for me. Red is my fav color, and her embroidered lady with the sewing machine is all sparkled up! I LOVE this book cover and will cherish it.
It's not so much what it is, but knowing that she spend a lot of time working on something for me, and thinking about me, well, that just makes my heart swell! And look at the pin tucking and beads!
Here is another example of quilters helping quilters. I signed up for this block swap and the organizer of this is simply amazing. If you are interested, click here. This winter we did a Gathered over Time swap along with Nickels and 8" squares in shirtings. I sent off 64 blocks, 8 of each combo and this is what I got back.
I thought I was getting 32 pairs back but I got 64 different 9 patches, and every one is 5". No skinny blocks, no thin nickels. Just a pile of piecing perfection from all the participants. When I included the prints I made and kept for myself, I only needed to make one more 9 patch and cut 5 more nickels.
I can't wait to start sewing this together, my goal is to have the rows together by the end of this weekend!
Thanks to all the swappers, this was fantastic. Let's do it again!


Valentina said...

OMG! How lovely! I think I will dream with nine-patches tonight! Totally gorgeous... Oh Sharon of course you will have it stitched up in no time... What a beauty it will be...

... and yes, quilty friends are the best, especially when they make us things we don't have time to make for ourselves...:)

MommaD said...

I can see 2 of the 9-patches I made in your picture!! How fun it was to open up the package and see so many different fabrics and combinations! I do hope Joyce will host another block swap in the near future since this was such a success.