Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miles of Binding

I have nothing new to show. I've been binding a king quilt every evening this week, and I shall be finished tonight! Why do I take on these jobs? Well, this customer doesn't quilt or sew, and the tops have been finished since 1988, I'm not sure when the hand quilting was done. The maker has passed away and no one is enjoying the fruits of her labor. So with a little help from me, I can get these hand made family treasures onto beds for the next generations to enjoy. I'm honored to be a part of this.

As crazy as it sounds, for a while I was the dead person's quilter. I must have gotten 5 quilts in a row from people who's mom had passed and they wanted the top quilted and bound. From all this, one lady became a quilter. I knew she couldn't afford to pay for all the work that needed done, so I gave her a lesson and she came back with finished tops. After quilting them, I taught her to bind them. Since then she has made several quilts for her own children. To me, that's the joy of quilting!

Sew a bit today,

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Karen said...

Binding a king size quilt can take a long, long time. But worth the work.