Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Official

I finally have a "finished flimsy" to show. I've been picking away at many different projects, not feeling like I've accomplished much at all. So last night I took a look around and picked the project that was closest to finished. This is made from 1.5" strips, 7" blocks, set 12 x 12.  Finishes at 84 x 84. 
Well, I'm using the word finished quite loosely. If it was really finished, it would be quilted, labeled, bound and on my bed, right? It's finished living in my sewing room. Now it can be moved over to the huge plastic bin under my longarm that hides holds my finished tops with backs.  Yes, there are a few of them, crying to get stitched!  This year, I promise.  I plan on using this quilt on my own bed this summer. I don't have a quilt on my bed. What's the saying.....a cobblers child???
I'm off to Seattle to see Chicago.
Have a great day; the sun is shining here, hope it's shining where you are today!


Mimi said...

Well that quilt was worth waiting for. You will love it on your bed. It's beautiful and I pat you on the back for doing such a lovely, time-consuming quilt.

Valentina said...

How lovely, and what an accomplishment to be DONE!
I am hearing you... and I will look for one quilt that patiently waiting to bring it to completion!
Thanks Sharon!

Karen said...


Quilts on Bastings said...

What a stunning quilt - I know what you mean about quilts waiting to be quilted - I have a few lurking in my cupboards.