Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where the Addiction Started

I'm looking back at s few quilts that I don't think I've shared on this blog before. The two appliqued ones hang in my house and the Weaver Fever gets brought out every fall for the burst of color it provides.
This quilt is very special to me for a variety of reasons. 2003 was my first venture into applique of any kind and the teacher was excellent. Shelley has a passion for applique and threads and she certainly passed that along to her students. You never know what you will get out of a class. Not only did I get a passion for applique, I got an amazing friend. Muriel also took this class and she later called and invited me on a shop hop and we've been hopping and shopping ever since. Lastly, I hand quilted this piece. In the summer of 2004, my dad was having surgery for colon cancer and my sister and I drove up to stay with Mom and just hang out for the week. I worked on this most times I was at the hospital, and with it's bright colors it added some cheer to the drab hospital room. Dad recovered 100% and is still going strong, and I look at this quilt every day.
This next little quilt was adorable and I just love how it turned out. Nothing special about this one, except I machine appliqued it and then hand quilted it. This isn't my style of patterns, but I love this one. It hangs in my bathroom so I see it every day!
Blogger is acting up and won't let me bring in any more pictures, so this is it!
A very short trip down memory lane.


Karen said...

I am glad you shared. I like quilts with words on them, so the one displayed in your bathroom caught my eye. I don't have a quilt hanging in either of my bathrooms. I should think about that!

Lori said...

Both quilts are wonderful and so different from each other. The red and white one is gorgeous! I can't belive that was your first applique project!!! Very nice!!

Ann Champion said...

Thanks for sharing your quilts. Applique always grabs my heart.
The hand quilting is beautiful on your Album quilt. It's a perfect first project and you did a wonderful job on it.
The one that hangs in your bathroom is sweet. Such nice sentiments in the sayings on it. :)

Window On The Prairie said...

Love the 2nd quilt pictured. So sweet.

Sharon said...

Wow, wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing them. You did beautiful applique and hand-quilting on both of them. I love the 2nd one - what a sweet sentiment, and a good reminder!

Nicole said...

Your applique work is beautiful!