Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilting out of Boxes

For those who think I've abandoned my blog, I'm still here! As much as I'd like to post every day, not enough is happening that is blog worthy on a daily basis. I'm at a stage of several projects where there is still a lot of work to be done before there will be finishes, so I thought I'd share a few things that are in progress.
Beyond the Cherry Tree is a 25 BOM. Here is the box that I am working from.
I started after 12 months had been posted. I've been able to do 2 per month and here are the first six blocks.
 I think January is going to get the best of me as block #7 still needs about 40  5/8" circles sewn on. I keep poking away at it.  I thought this was a lot of circles, then I saw the pattern posted this month.....100+ grapes. Yikes!
The second box I'm working from is the 9 Patch swap I did through a Yahoo group.  I have 72 block centers that are all civil war repro's and I'm working on the sashing. I'm using shirtings and black or navy for the star points.
I needed to cut something like 550+ 2 1/2 " dark squares for the corners.  I'll end up with this many bonus 1/2 sq triangles that will finish out at 1 1/4".  They are getting trimmed and tossed into another box.
I've got seven blocks done.  I'm loving this pattern, it's a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Sisters Choice
This last box is the fourth piece I've made from this pattern.  I have also quilted a few tops for customers from this pattern.
Yup, it's also a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Pineapple Blossoms
I want to make this for my bed so I need 100 blocks for a 90 x 90.  So far I have 10 finished, but I work this pattern in rounds.  Currently I have 5 stacks of 10 blocks all in various stages.  For some reason I feel like I make more progress doing it this way.  This box sits on my sewing table, so whenever I sit at the machine, something is done on this project. I use this for my "leaders and enders" when I'm working on anything else. Every strip brings me closer to a finished block. Working on this gets me excited about my trip to NYC! I have also just loaded a blue and cream version of this onto my longarm and will post some pictures when it's finished.
So even though my blog has been a bit quite lately, not to worry, I'm stitching away in my corner of the world. 


liz said...

You sure have been busy. It is difficult sometimes to know where to allocate that most precious of our resources - time. I really like everything I see on your post, so I know I would have a problem with which project to work on.

Lori said...

I love your projects! Your BTCT block is coming along nicely.

Brandie said...

It all looks so good! You have been a busy girl. Can't wait to see the progress on all these fabulous quilts!

Joan said...

Sharon - you have been so busy - Your projects are wonderful - and I can see how much work you are getting done...great. Its a lot to do at once but you seem to manage well :).

sonia hensley said...

I want to be Sharon when I grow up! You seem to have it so together even with the roadblocks you've been through.

Thanks for keeping up as often as you do, I really like to see what you're up to!

Mimi said...

Well, you know I love everything you do, but those red and cream blocks are gorgeous. That is going to be a very pretty quilt.

Ann Champion said...

What a fun mix of projects you have going!
Your BTCT blocks look great together. When I saw the newest one I thought those grapes could be "edited" a bit?

The 9 patch swap was a great way to get a nice variety of fabrics. I love the fabrics you're using to make the blocks.

The red and cream is gorgeous! :)

Lori said...

Saw your post and immediately pulled out some 9 patches. Some is an understatement. I have already made two queen size tops with these. I like the sister's choice block, and will do something like that. Thanks! Cherry tree blocks--I love them. #3 is giving me a headache. I have redrawn the fingers into some a bit more manageable for me!

julieQ said...

I love to see what you are up to!! Your sister's choice blocks are just fantastic!!