Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Do you have so many things you want to do you that you go round in circles trying to get to all of them? That was me this weekend. I did accomplish a lot though, the biggest one was going to Fabric Etc for their big sale and left with NO fabric for my studio. Now that's not to say I didn't purchase fabric, when you call your friends and they ask you to shop for them, well, that satisfied the need to leave with fabrics in hand. I did leave with a pattern and a few other goodies. If you visit my area, don't miss Carol's shop. They always make you feel welcome and special when you walk through the door.
This has been a top for quite some time, and now it's a quilt. Once I trim it, I'll use the backing extras for the binding.
Another Bonnie Hunter pattern has been completed. There will be more of this pattern in my quilting future.
As much as I'm trying to resist starting any new projects, I did spend some time working on this.
It doesn't fall into the new project catagory because the blocks were all left over from Surrounded, a quilt pattern from Four Paws Quilting. Every so often I'd come across these and wonder what to do with them. After digging in my scrap bag of greens, I found a few of the original fabrics, made a few more blocks to finish it and I made Limonade out of them. I need to turn and hand stitch the binding, label it and then gift it.
In the process of digging in scrap bags, this came upstairs with me yesterday.
It's a bag of 1" strips. I sat and joined them all together and started working on a rag rug. Turning a pile of strips into this........
...well, it just feels good!


Brandie said...

What a weekend! I bet you feel good!
That blue quilt is spectacular!
What another great way to use up scraps, make a rag rug.
Love them all.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm not a blue lover but that quilt is spectacular.

I love crocheted rag rugs. I wonder if I can do that with the arthritis in both thumbs.

Mimi said...

I love your blue quilt. Is it delectable mountains? I especially love the rag rug. I had a friend try that but the center kept pooching up. She could probably have worn it as a bra. Because of that, I haven't tried this, but I sure have enough scraps that if I knew how to do it right, I could make a decent sized rug. Glad you had a productive weekend. It always makes one feel great.

Barb said...

Your projects look great -
Can you tell me the size of the hook you are using to make the rag rug? I really like rag rugs, is it singe crochet?

Lori said...

I relaly like limeade alot! Isn't it fun to use leftovers for a new project?

Great little rug too!!

Ann Champion said...

What pretty projects coming from your hands lately!
Your rag rug has me curious too. How are you doing it? I love how it looks.

julieQ said...

I love your scrappy happy pineapple blue yummy quilt!! Is that enough adjectives?? Love your rag rug too!