Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Vintage Delight

A very interesting quilt block
I have no idea what this block pattern is called, I've never seen it in any books.  I'm showing a lot of pictures to show all the different fabrics in this quilt.  Some are definitely more delicate than others, I don't really "use" this quilt. It is folded on the foot of the spare bed and I try to keep the cat and dog out of that room.  I refold it and fluff it out and lay it flat for stretches, just to keep from making permanent creases and to keep it's color.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I purchased this quilt in 2005 from an elderly man from the Pendleton, OR area.  He had advertised quilts for sale in the Nickel Trader newspaper so I called and asked what he had.  These were his mom's quilts, and he was downsizing.  He called all his kids and the relatives and told them to come pick out a quilt.  There were two left over and he was selling them.  He told me he thought this one was the prettiest of all she made, but none of the kids thought so.
The backing is as bright and cheery as the front.  It's made with 36" wide fabric.  The binding it a turned border.
We drove to a meeting point, the parking lot of a truck stop on Hwy 84. I walked over to his van, he started to pull the quilts out of a big black garbage bag and when I saw how bright the colors were in this one, I told him I'd take them both, sight unseen.
  He did give me his mothers name and a bit of history, but I've lost it. I know....but from what I remember him telling me, he thought this quilt would have been made in the early 20's, based on his mothers age and when she passed away
   It also has little holes along the binding that are dirty.  When I took the quilt to a shop, they thought the holes could have come from the old fashioned bed springs.  The ladies said that some people put quilts/blankets under the mattress so the springs didn't make any noise.  I know this top hasn't seen the sunlight, the colors at truly this bright and clear and there is no fabric degeneration.
Notice the hodge podge of fabrics in the block below.
I also don't know how this was put together. It is almost like she appliqued the small pink patch overtop, but it's definitely machine pieced and hand quilted. See how the pink triangle below look like they were squares cut down?  See how the pink block is on the left of the pieced block? It doesn't meet at the corner of the blue & pink? If the pink was a 1/2 square triangle, there wouldn't be this extra room.  If you look at this block, you can see that she really didn't have a 1/2 sq triangle, but given that she has patched together so many pieces, I find it unlikely that she would have cut her blocks off to get this shape.
What bright and crisp colors!
The pencil lines are still visible from her quilt lines, there are many poverty patches throughout the quilt, and it's never been washed.
Poverty patches throughout the top.

Switching to the modern, here is a larger picture of this one that I finished quilting on the weekend, I just need to turn the binding.  You can make this pattern with any size 1/2 sq triangles, but I definitely needed to design wall.  I was working with 2 charm packs and nothing more and I wanted to use up all of them, so this one is 12 x 14 and it has a 3 x 3 design with the big diamond.

Hope this inspires others to play on their design wall. 1/2 squares will give you lots of options.



Anonymous said...

Both are just beautiful! You cannot replace the machine quilting with that beautiful and perfect hand quilting.

Lori said...

What a fun quilt! The little sections are very similar to the cheddar cheese doll quilt I reproduced. I have a hunch the pink squares were sewn in with a set in seam. I also think if it was used under the springs it would have rust marks through out the quilt. Thanks for sharing this. It is beautiful!
Your newest quilt is wonderful! It looks more complicated then it really is.

Daniëlle said...

Thanks for sharing the story of this special quilts! Gorgeous!! Love your latest and yes, there are so many option sewing those 1/2 squares! Happy sewing, Daniëlle

Brandie said...

Wow! What a treasure. It couldn't have gone to a better home.

Mimi said...

When you say 12 x 14, so you mean inches? I love your quilt AND the quilting is exquisite. Your antigue quilt is quite the find, too. How exciting.

Sujata Shah said...

That is such an interesting pattern. I love the look of this scrappy quilt. I would love to make a 30's quilt someday. Ann Champion just posted another scrappy beauty on her blog. I see a feedsack quilt coming out of my sewing room this spring1 Thanks for the inspiration!

Louise said...

Isn't it exciting when you find vintage quilts?
That one is very special and unique. I really like the HS one you have shared with us. I have a entire collection of 30's that I think would be beautiful in that quilt..Your quilting is lovely, Sharon..

Janet said...

I think the first quilt is a real treasure for all the fabrics and so pristine in colour too. I love the one you've just finished, the quilting is lovely.

Ann Champion said...

I tried to find a name for this pattern, but had no luck. It's kind of like Lori's C&C doll quilt, sort of an Ovean Waves? It would have been made by piecing the elongated hex shapes with all of the little pieces, then 4 sewn around a center square, forming a larger octagon shape. Those were sewn in rows with the larger squares added in between. It would have a lot of set in seams...and I'll bet it was all hand done? Gorgeous! What a lucky find. ;)

I love the quilt you made with the 1/2 squares. It has a wonderful balance of color and the design is so nice..not to mention that fabulous quilting! Well done Sharon. :)

liz said...

Both amazing quilts, the first quite a fascinating pattern and the second, so crisp an appealing.